UK Authorities Will Have Power To Confiscate Crypto Assets From the Public by End of April

By The Daily Hodl March 05, 2024 In United Kingdom

The UK government just released documentation notifying that the country’s law enforcement will soon have the power to seize crypto assets without going through extensive legal processes.

The country’s Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023, which was passed on October 26th, 2023, now comes with extensive provisions relating to crypto assets, including how authorities may investigate, seize or handle them in criminal situations.

The law also provides an avenue for UK authorities to seize crypto or a specified fiat value from exchanges or “crypto asset service providers.”


Says the document,

“A magistrates’ court may order the UK-connected crypto asset service provider which administers the crypto wallet in which the crypto assets are held —

(a) to realize the crypto assets, or a portion of the crypto assets having a specified value,

(b) to pay the proceeds of that realization to the designated officer for the court on account of, and up to a maximum of, the amount payable under the confiscation order, and

(c) to the extent that the proceeds of the realization exceed the amount payable under the confiscation order, to pay the excess to an appropriate officer identified in the order.”

According to a new document, the provisions will come into force on April 26th.

Plans for new rules and regulations for stablecoins and cryptocurrency staking in the UK are in the pipeline, according to recent reports.

A Bloomberg report quotes the Economic Secretary to the Treasury Bim Afolami saying at an event organized by crypto exchange Coinbase in London that the UK government was “pushing very hard” to make the necessary regulations a reality.

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