Analyst Who Sold All His Bitcoin Says He Hasn’t Lost Faith In BTC, Makes Bold Bet On Altcoins

  • Michaël van de Poppe sold his Bitcoin holdings mid-bull run for altcoins, a move driven by a strategic belief in the broader crypto ecosystem’s potential.
  • He plans to buy back more Bitcoin with the profits from his altcoin investments, viewing current market shifts as temporary.
  • Van de Poppe’s decision reflects his readiness to embrace high risks for substantial returns, fuelled by his deep market knowledge and past trading experiences.

Imagine being in the crypto market for years, slowly but steadily building up a sizeable amount of Bitcoin and then, in the middle of a bull-run just selling it all into altcoins. One thing is for sure, that requires conviction and nerves of steel.

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Crypto analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe told his 718K followers on platform X that he had done just that. Now, it’s not clear how much money is involved or how long it took him to accumulate his BTC, but it’s a bold move nevertheless.

I’ve sold all my Bitcoin. Yes, I did. I didn’t lose my faith in Bitcoin, I’m not expecting Bitcoin to be topped out for this cycle. I’ve not become a complete believer in Gold. I’ve sold all my Bitcoin.

Michaël van de Poppe

So why did he sell his BTC for altcoins?


Van de Poppe says he expects to buy back more Bitcoin later with the gains from his altcoin investments.

Considering that institutions have entered the crypto sector, the analyst believes this will be the last cycle to make “a lot of money from altcoins”.

Ways to Max Returns During A Bitcoin Bull Cycle

All roads lead to Rome, but the same can’t be exactly said for investing. Many roads lead to poor returns and a loss of funds. So, van de Poppe suggests several methods can lead to significant gains during this cycle:

  • Sell High, Buy Low: Sell Bitcoin at market highs and buy back at lower prices. While common, this method is risky due to the potential for mistiming the market, which could lead to losses.
  • Use Leverage: Employ leverage to long or short Bitcoin on futures markets, increasing potential gains. However, regulatory limitations may restrict this option in some regions. Also: obviously very risky!
  • Earn and Accumulate: Generate income inside or outside the crypto ecosystem and use it to accumulate more Bitcoin, a relatively straightforward approach.
  • Trade Altcoins: Trade within the Web 3.0 ecosystem to increase Bitcoin holdings. This method is highly risky, as poor timing or investment choices can lead to significant losses.

Embrace Risks, Acquire Knowledge For Substantial Returns

You probably won’t be surprised that van de Poppe chose the latter option. So, again, why?

He explains his choice of the riskiest investment method by highlighting his experience and familiarity with the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets – having navigated through multiple bear and bull cycles since 2017.

In order to get a large return, you’ll need to get more knowledge and you need to dare to take the risk, against all odds and sentiment.

Michaël van de Poppe

Van de Poppe’s philosophy is based on the premise that substantial returns require deep knowledge and a readiness to take significant risks, despite market trends.

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He believes success with assets other than Bitcoin is crucial for a functional decentralised ecosystem and expects widespread tokenisation, aligning with major fund managers’ views.

In order to have a proper working decentralized ecosystem, you’ll need to succeed with assets outside of Bitcoin, it’s as simple as it is.

Michaël van de Poppe

His shift from Bitcoin to altcoins is driven by his belief in the crypto ecosystem’s potential and liquidity from a Spot Bitcoin ETF, seeing current market shifts to Bitcoin and USDT as temporary corrections, not long-term trends.

The Spot Bitcoin ETF has been approved in the past months and that has resulted in a lot of liquidity to be pushed towards the ecosystem. That’s great. It opened doors for crypto as an asset which we’ve not seen before and that’s a positive signal.

Michaël van de Poppe

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