Best Crypto Education Platforms in Australia

By Ben Knight January 30, 2024
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Best for beginners:
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Verdict: Which platform is the best?

After analysing several platforms, we believe that Empire Crypto Trading is the best crypto educational platform for Australians. The user-friendly website provides a huge list of course-based content, perfect for beginners just getting their feet wet or experts looking to hone their trading strategies. Best of all, Empire provides personalised advice for each member – through one-on-one calls with a coach, live weekly zoom meetings and more.

Learning about cryptocurrency is the first step for all investors, no matter their background. Whether you want to understand how a blockchain works, analyse a project’s token supply or start making advanced trades based on technical analysis, there’s a crypto education platform for you. But with so many options out there, the question remains – which is the best?

Best educational platforms for crypto

  1. Best overall: Empire Crypto Trading
  2. Best for beginners: Investified
  3. Best for altcoin research: Collective Shift
  4. Best international platform: Real Vision

Best Overall: Empire Crypto Trading

Empire Crypto Trading is an Australian-based business offering a range of educational content for people of all skill levels. The platform was born out of a Facebook group, which is still active and boasts over 2.4K members. The strength of Empire is its community – and the essence of these social elements has transferred over to the main website.

You can view the FREE feed here.

Empire Crypto Trading users can access an array of in-depth courses, from covering the basics of blockchain tech to using advanced indicators. In particular, Premium users will find hours of content on technical analysis that can take their trading game to the next level. Empire also offers live one-on-one calls with their coaches, alongside frequent market updates and research articles.



  • Live one-on-one calls with mentors
  • Hours of free and premium course content
  • Live market news and research reports on specific projects and investment opportunities
  • Access to a tight-knit, like-minded community
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS


  • Basic membership is free
  • Exclusive Mentorship is $2,500
  • Premium Access is $250 p/month with 7-day Free Trials Available.

Best for beginners: Investified

Investified is a Melbourne-based educational platform geared toward investors interested in any market – including cryptocurrency. The team, headed by experienced founders Anthony,  Zac and Richard delivers actionable investment knowledge in the form of market insights, market reports and hours of academy content.

The platform is renowned for its education-meets-social media foundation and sports an attractive Activity Feed that will keep you up to date on all the latest news and investment ideas. One of the key features is the risk/reward analysis that Investified perform on a select number of digital currencies, arming prospective investors with all the info they need before spending a cent.


  • Hours of educational content for both crypto investors
  • A smartphone application available on the App Store and Google Play Store 
  • A discord server with a thriving community
  • One-page research cards for many cryptocurrencies
  • Up-to-date reports on market trends and guides on technical analysis 


  • Monthly subscription
    • Stocks Pro ($89 per month)
    • Crypto Pro ($89 per month)
    • All content ($129 per month)
  • Annual subscription
    • Stocks Pro ($899 per year)
    • Crypto Pro ($899 per year)
    • All content ($1,199 per year)

Best for Altcoin Research: Collective Shift

Collective Shift is an Australian-based crypto research platform founded in 2020 by Tasmanian Ben Simpson. The educational platform is brimming with content, including daily insights from world-class analysts, monthly altcoin reports and market predictions based on hours of research.

New users are welcome to a free 15-minute strategy session with an expert from Collective Shift to outline their investment goals and walk through the company’s ten-step framework. Premium members get access to a customisable research feed that populates with user-specific videos, blog posts and other information. 

The Collective Shift platform thrives on its massive collection of resource materials, making it a terrific option for investors who need quick but comprehensive breakdowns of digital assets, particularly more obscure altcoins. There are research reports and bullish/bearing ratings available for many tokens, with more on the way.


  • A huge list of research resources (videos and blog posts) across a wide range of crypto topics
  • A beginner’s educational course
  • Monthly deep dives on altcoins
  • Customisable research feed and personalised dashboard
  • Access to researchers from the team via a monthly group call (for Platinum members)


  • Pro Member ($1,999 per year)
  • Platinum Member (Pricing varies, you can book a call to learn more)

Best international platform: Real Vision

It can be a good idea for Australian customers to stay local – as customer support times, tax guidelines and fiat currencies all line up. With that said, there are several international crypto educational platforms that have a history of successful clients and an excellent reputation in the industry.

Real Vision frames itself as a community driven by the world’s brightest, most diverse economic minds put together in one place. The platform’s goal is to make everyone become smarter, more successful investors by teaching them how to understand the global economy through real-time analysis, documentaries, research reports and more. New videos are added every day, giving clients the most up-to-date knowledge available. 

The company provides several membership tiers, making it suitable for investors of all financial and experience levels. Beginners can stick with the basic level to unlock useful tutorials, access to community Q+As and an archive filled with hundreds of articles. Active traders or higher-volume investors may want to consider the Pro Crypto tier, which gives them access to a weekly technical analysis show, masterclasses from experienced investors and more.


  • Provides direct access to some of the world’s most renowned investors, including Raoul Pal and Mike Green
  • The platform is filled with educational videos for both newbies and experienced traders to hone their skills
  • Q+As are available for streamlined, personalised portfolio advice
  • The community discord server has over 5,000 members, forming a tight-knit social web
  • In-depth reports on the market, specific cryptocurrencies and more


  • Quarterly subscription
    • Essential (USD $49 per quarter)
    • Plus (USD $199 per quarter)
    • Real Vision Pro MACRO (USD $1,099 per quarter)
    • Real Vision Pro CRYPTO (USD $1,099 per quarter)
    • Pro All Access (USD $1,799 per quarter)
  • Annual subscription
    • Essential (USD $179 per year)
    • Plus (USD $699 per year)
    • Real Vision Pro MACRO (USD $3,999 per year)
    • Real Vision Pro CRYPTO (USD $3,999 per year)
    • Pro All Access (USD $6,999 per year)

What to Look for in an Educational Platform

Quality Content

The driving force behind a crypto educational platform is the quality of its content. Most top-tier services offer an array of in-depth research on market trends, as well as individual digital assets. Ensuring these reports (whether videos, articles or even books) are well-edited, use up-to-date references and are easy to understand is a good way to quickly gauge the content’s quality. 

Investors should look for platforms that cover a broad range of content, ranging from fundamental analysis of the crypto market, how to read charting software and how to form an individualised investment strategy. 

Intuitive Platform

Some crypto platforms are a nightmare to traverse, especially those with an overwhelming amount of resources to pick between. Sticking to an educational website with a user-friendly interface will make your life a lot easier, while keeping you motivated to keep learning and improving as an investor.

Contact with Team

Having access to experts who have “been there, done that” is one of the most valuable things an educational platform can provide. The personalised touch can be the difference between watching a couple of videos online versus receiving a comprehensive education. Not all platforms provide this access – so keep an eye out for crypto educational services with expert calls, Q+As or other forms of direct feedback.

Social Media Presence

A platform’s social media presence can be a window into the strength of its community and the quality of its content without having to pay a cent. Most crypto education services will run a Facebook or Instagram page that will tease some of its articles, while engaging its community. Some will even have a members-only social media presence – think a Facebook group or Discord server – where you can participate in discussions and learn from other like-minded individuals. 

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