Editorial Policy

Crypto News (CN) Values

Crypto News’s editorial policy translates our legislative responsibilities, services, standards and expectations and guide decisions that are equitable, timely and consistent. It incorporates values concerned with social responsibility, ethical considerations and a sense of fair play. 

The editorial policy informs and guides our professional judgements, but also reassures our audience that their trust and expectations are not misplaced. Our following values guide our decisions.


Neutrality is having an open mind and the absence of decided views, expression, or strong feeling. It is about openness and straight dealing by reporting the relevant facts and significant points of view and fair, ethical and balanced treatment of issues, events, people and institutions.


Our news posts must conform to reality, be in context and not in any way misleading or false. Reporters should be enterprising and questioning in perceiving, pursuing and presenting issues. This demands thorough research and a disciplined use of language and writing techniques.


Our reporters are not influenced by pressures from political, commercial or other sectional interests or by their own personal views or activities. There is no external interference in the presentation or content of news reports or any improper influence brought to bear internally.


Respect for the rights of others may call for careful handling of sensitive issues such as violence, sex, grief, trauma, privacy invasions. We need to avoid stereotypes and other prejudicial content. We must respect interviewees and all others we deal with in the course of our news gathering and transmission activities.


Our news reports reflect the broad diversity of cultures, interests and opinions.and draw on this diversity to present relevant views across the spectrum. In the coverage of issues, we do not promote or denigrate any view, including those of minorities. Views are covered according to their news value and significance. 

Personal Opinion 

Journalists, producers and the editorial staff will have opinions of their own, but they must not yield to bias or prejudice. To be professional is not to be without opinions, but to be aware of those opinions and make allowances for them, so that reporting is, and appears to be, judicious and fair. Audiences should not detect a correspondent’s personal views.

Analytical and impartial 

Our correspondents offer analysis of events or opinions in which the event or opinion is placed in a wider context and the audience are given a clearer idea of the significance of the issue. However, we do not give prescriptive comments or tell the audience what opinion they should hold. It is accepted that specialist reviewers, drawing upon their expertise, are able to express their opinion but mention it as their own opinions.


CN has a duty to ensure that news reporting is fair, accurate and balanced. News balance should be achieved, where appropriate, within a single programme or otherwise within the period of current interest. Where an appropriate representative of one side of the story cannot be reached, the journalist should relay the fact in a simple and direct manner.

Conflict of Interest 

Being very much in the public eye, it is essential that the public can trust the integrity of our journalists, contributors, and editorial staff. CN’s impartiality or credibility must not be influenced by any commercial, political or personal interests. It is particularly important that employees must not use the CN platform for their own interests.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content refers to content that is created by Crypto News covering a topic area that is relevant to an advertiser published in the press release or sponsored content section. Crypto News has sole editorial control, and no advertiser has any input into the content beyond the broad topic area. Sponsored content will also be labeled in one of the following ways: “Sponsored Article”, “Press Release”, “sponsored by our partners,” “sponsored by,” “from our sponsor,” “submitted by x”, or “brought to you by.” Rel “no sponsor” linking will also be applied to all sponsored posts and rel “no follow” for any commercial related press release.

Partner content

To produce high quality content for you – we seek expert knowledge from our Partners to ensure all of our content is correct and informative. This content may include images, references and links to the Partner, whom is assigned the Premium Category or is closely related to the article to which the content relates to.

Business relationships with companies and products being covered

Please note, that the co-founders and other writers at Crypto News often do have business relationships with the companies and products that we cover. For instance, some of us own other Web businesses which earn revenue from the advertising networks that we review on Crypto News. 

We believe these business relationships inform our perspective and ultimately increase the value of our editorial content, but note that these relationships do exist, and we will not necessarily disclose them in an individual article.

We strive to be objective and fair in our reviews of products, services and companies. We do not accept compensation of any type in exchange for a favorable review. We label sponsored content, disclose when we link to a product or company with an affiliate link, or if our co-founders own equity in a private business that’s being mentioned in our editorial content.

We strive to be accurate, but we make mistakes. If you think we’ve made a mistake in one of our articles, please contact us.

Last updated: 19 February 2021