Microsoft Exec: AI and Crypto Synergy ‘Just Scratching the Surface’

  • Microsoft’s Yorke Rhodes highlights the emerging synergy between AI and blockchain, suggesting the creation of powerful agents that utilise both technologies.
  • Despite its investments in Azure AI and collaborations like Aptos Ascend, Microsoft doesn’t plan to develop its own blockchain, focusing instead on existing networks.
  • Recent leaks and partnerships suggest Microsoft’s continued innovation in AI and blockchain, including potential crypto wallet integration in the Xbox ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics in the crypto sector, if you can see past the memecoin hype for a moment. And Microsoft thinks the collaboration between the two sectors hasn’t even really started.

Yorke Rhodes, director for digital transformation, blockchain and cloud supply chain at Microsoft, believes that as these technologies evolve, they can be integrated to create agents – software programs or systems – that harness the combined capabilities of both AI and blockchain.

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CoinTelegraph reported that while speaking at the 2024 Cornell Blockchain Conference in New York, Rhodes said it’s still early days for the industry:


I do think that as these two technologies progress, you can create agents that bring together the power of both. We’re just scratching the surface.

Yorke Rhodes, director for digital transformation at Microsoft

Microsoft itself is on the forefront of AI with its Azure AI platform and a billion-dollar investment in OpenAI.

But that doesn’t mean the company will necessarily have its own blockchain. 

During the panel discussion, aptly named ‘Crypto x AI’, Rhodes said that there are already plenty of blockchains and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Microsoft’s focus is rather on supporting and leveraging existing networks.

There’s already a massive amount of interesting stuff going on. But would we ever build an L1 blockchain? I don’t think so.

Yorke Rhodes, director for digital transformation at Microsoft

Rumours Around Crypto Ventures and Next Xbox

This is not the first time Microsoft has made waves in the industry. Back in April, news broke that Aptos Labs had teamed up with Microsoft, South Korean telco-giant SK Telecom and others to create Aptos Ascend.

The venture would be a platform designed to enhance decentralised finance and boost tokenised asset liquidity via the Aptos network. The platform will leverage Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service to incorporate cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies.

And in September 2023, leaked documents revealed surprises about potential future Microsoft projects, including cloud hybrid games, new Bethesda games, a new Xbox controller, and rumours of a Nintendo acquisition.

Notably, Axios reported that Microsoft is considering integrating a crypto wallet into the Xbox ecosystem, as indicated by a chart titled ‘Next Gen Platform for Immersive Apps and Games,’ though it remains unclear if this will involve new or existing wallet technologies.

Source: Microsoft/ FTC

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