Gaming Sensation Notcoin Debuts Token On TON Blockchain, Airdrops Over 80 Billion Tokens To Users

By Ben Knight May 17, 2024 In Blockchain, GameFi, Toncoin, Web3
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  • GameFi has enjoyed a strong start to 2024, with popular projects like Pixels and now Notcoin launching successful token airdrops.
  • Notcoin, a web3 clicker game, has accrued a player base of over 35 million within just a few months.
  • Players were rewarded with an airdrop of over 80 million NOT tokens, generating US$1b in trading volume within 24 hours.

Speculation has run rampant among the industry regarding which crypto subsector is poised to explode. With market conditions improving in 2024, many have suggested that artificial intelligence or tokenisation projects are going to be major movers. 

But there is another popular option that might be the current clubhouse leader – GameFi.

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Biggest Gaming Airdrop of 2024 Sees Over One Billion Worth of Trading Volume

Notcoin has only been around for a few months, but it has quickly muscled the competition to become one of web3’s standout games. While some developers struggle to create blockchain games that match modern gaming standards, Notcoin kept it simple to great success. 


Ultimately, the Telegram game is a clicker – where players can mine NOT tokens by clicking an icon. Not exactly riveting, but games like this can be addictive…especially when money is involved.

Previously, these NOT tokens were only tradeable via a unique NFT voucher. However, the project’s coins have finally gone live – and within 24 hours the frenzy began.

The game’s 35m+ player base was able to access 80m NOT tokens earlier this week in one of the biggest airdrops the GameFi industry has ever seen. In barely a day of trading, as gamers cashed out their tokens, NOT saw over US$1b (AU$1.5b) in volume.

NOT Token Falls 50%+ Following Airdrop

Most of the movement came from sales, which saw the value of NOT fall by between 48-65% (estimates vary depending on oracle data). This is not – get it? – necessarily a bad thing, as it’s quite common for post-airdrop prices to fluctuate significantly in the first few days of trading.

If you’re a fan of the clicker genre, it might be worth checking out Web3’s latest sensation. With all things like this, you never know how long the hype will last. 

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Ben Knight

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