Analyst Miles Deutscher Says It’s the Last Chance to Buy These Alts

By Ben Knight March 13, 2024 In AI, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, Gaming
  • Aussie crypto analyst Miles Deutscher believes that the altcoin hype for the next bull run will be focussed on three sectors: memecoins, AI and GameFi.
  • AI has already run very hot in the 2024 rally to date, while GameFi is still slow off the blocks.
  • This presents a buying opportunity as several major projects near their release dates.
  • Deutscher lists off Beam, Pixels, Forgotten Playland, Aether Games and Heroes of Mavia as projects worth following over the next week or two.

The artificial intelligence craze is sweeping through the world. Whether you believe AI is the work of the devil and is sending us to a dystopian reality, or it is the tech that will advance humanity to the next stage of its evolution, there’s no denying – it will play a major role over the next decade. 

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The significance of artificial intelligence has been reflected in the crypto industry, with many startups in this space skyrocketing thousands of percent over the past few months. 


Of course, identifying altcoins after the fact is a fool’s errand – the key to hitting a real “moonshot” is to find the tokens before they run. And Aussie crypto analyst, Miles Deutscher, believes there are a few coins out there that could be part of the next altcoin rally.


“Altcoin Rotation” To Pivot to GameFi?

The AI run isn’t over – far from it, if Deutscher is to be believed. However, as the bull run starts to take shape, it is likely that the “trendy” sectors of crypto will “rotate”. This means that, while AI is the talk of the town for now, eventually it will be overtaken by another submarket. And according to Deutscher, gaming is something to look out for.

AI, memecoins and gaming are the top three narratives for this bull run…gaming is starting to wake up a little bit…and is starting to show signs of outperforming [other sectors]…

Miles Deutscher

In his video, Deutscher singles out five altcoin gems that have a big future – both as projects and as potential investments. 

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Each of these coins are positioned somewhere within the gaming industry and are jostling to sit atop the throne when GameFi explodes over the next few years.

  • Pixels (PIXEL) – A farming simulator/building game that recently airdropped tokens and has a fast-growing playerbase.
  • Forgotten Playland (FP) – A party game set to be released soon.
  • Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA) – A strategy battle game that is available on mobile.
  • Aether Games (AEG) – A developer of “high-end” games in the crypto sphere that performed an initial token sale early last week.
  • Beam – A blockchain specifically built to host the next generation of GameFi. Forgotten Playland is one example of anticipated titles that will be available on Beam.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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