Ethereum Game ‘Fantasy Top’ Rewards Twitter Influencers with $1.25M for NFT Card Transformations

By Ben Knight May 09, 2024 In Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, NFTs
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  • Fantasy Top, a new card-based fantasy game built on L2 scaling solution Blast, launched last week to great success.
  • The game allows players to buy cards for their favourite crypto influencers, which are then rewarded points based on engagement on social media.
  • The game generated millions in trading volume and profits over just the first week of being live, with US$1.25M distributed to influencers.

Almost every sports fan loves (hates) fantasy football. Down under we have Dream Team and Supercoach for AFL and Fantasy for the NRL – each platform boasting hundreds of thousands of players. 

But what if, instead of sport, you turned fantasy into a meta trading card game based on X (formerly Twitter) influencers? Well, that’s exactly what Fantasy Top, a new game on Ethereum, intends to do. And in just a week since launch, it’s already made a splash among the crypto community.

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Fantasy Top: Everything You Need to Know

At first glance, Fantasy Top admittedly sounds a little ridiculous. It’s an NFT-based card game where you can purchase digital cards representing your favourite influencers – and then using them to create a game day lineup. 


The cards are then assigned a score based on the influencer’s social media engagement (e.g., a point per like or comment on an X post). Presumably, the more prolific influencers have more expensive cards, while up-and-comers might present a bargain – just like buying into a rookie in fantasy sports.

Big-name community members are so far leading the top cards, such as the creator of DeGods, Frank

The mechanism of Fantasy Top, built on Ether L2 Blast, allows the influencers to earn a 1.5% commission on all sales of their cards. And in just a week of being live, the game has already generated US$1.25M (AU$1.9M) worth of revenue for its influencer “heroes”. 

Some of the influencers have pledged to share some, or all, of their profits among cardholders to reward them for participating and supporting them.

All up, aside from the novelty of the game element, Fantasy Top could be an interesting way for fans to engage with their heroes while encouraging better compensation for content creators.

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Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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