Santiment Reveals Most Talked About Crypto Networks, No.2 Will Surprise You

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  • To nobody’s surprise, Bitcoin is by far the most-discussed crypto token to kick off June.
  • According to a Santiment analysis, the OG project is seeing a split between bullish and bearish sentiment.
  • Surprisingly, the second-biggest trendsetter of June has been Charles Hoskinson’s DeFi brainchild Cardano.
  • The popular project is seeing a renaissance across social media thanks to NFT smart contracts and continued on-chain development.

It should only take one guess to figure out the number one “trending” crypto network across social media this week.

That’s right – all roads lead to Bitcoin in the blockchain world.

However, according to a social media analysis from data team Santiment, a dark horse has staked its claim for the number two stop moving into the 2nd half of 2024. 

Okay, no more suspense…it’s Cardano that has shot up the charts.


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Cardano Heating Up As Scalability and Interoperability Development Continues

Bitcoin is by far the highest-trending coin, with close to 33% more “interest” than any other project on Santiment’s list. According to their analysis, the sentiment surrounding BTC is leaning slightly bullish, however is closer to 50/50 than in previous months. 

This is reflected in the ranging market for Bitcoin through the past fortnight, where investors on both sides of the equation are fighting around the US $70K (AU $106K) mark.

Whenever crypto is relevant, so too is Bitcoin. 

But the surprise packet of the analysis is Cardano, a project that’s been slowly evolving without much fanfare. The Charles Hoskinson project, although extremely popular, has been a bit of a disappointment to HODLers over the past couple of years, with the coin’s price still way down on its 2021 high.

However, ADA is up 60% over a 12-month period and continues to see impressive on-chain metrics. Developers are extremely active on the Cardano network, and the team’s higher-ups are dedicated to implementing scalability and interoperability solutions. 

Cardano is demonstrating greater bullish sentiment than Bitcoin, hovering around the 66-70% mark according to Santiment. In particular, the project is in the spotlight thanks to its potential as a hub for smart contract NFTs. 

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However, some investors remain trepidatious due to the outspoken nature of Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson. But the coin is incredibly popular for a reason, and if Hoskinson can make good on his vision Cardano has a bright future ahead.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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