Cardano’s Hoskinson: Crypto to Shape 2024 Elections, Biden’s Anti-Crypto Stance May Lose Him Second Term

  • Cardano network founder says US President Joe Biden will face a political cost for his conscious decision to “go to war” with the crypto industry.
  • Charles Hopkinson’s latest diatribe encourages people to vote for ‘pro-crypto’ candidates to demonstrate that “to betray that public trust translates to losing elections.”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson isn’t exactly known for keeping his opinions to himself. His latest rebuke, delivered via his own YouTube channel on 18 May 2024, takes aim at the Biden administration and claims the President’s anti-crypto stand should cost him the election.

Hoskinson says despite years of engagement efforts by the industry, the US government’s ongoing regulatory actions and lack of clarity were a systematic effort to harm the industry, which he calls ‘Operation Choke Point 2.0’.

He encouraged people to vote for any “pro-crypto” candidate, to make it known they care about crypto and “just want the government out of the system that we built”.

If enough of you do that, and the consequences are great enough, every single politician will hear you loud and clear and guess what will happen? They will get off your back because they understand the consequences of being on it.

Charles Hoskinson

Make Biden Face Consequences: Hoskinson

Hoskinson said despite many younger people being left-leaning, the majority are also crypto holders, and the “harsh political reality” was that a party would moderate its stance if the consequences of a position result in losing an election.


If this president loses his job and crypto is the decider, no Democrat running in 2028 will be anti-crypto, that is the fact.

Charles Hoskinson

He was ambivalent about who Biden loses to—although admits he endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Hoskinson says his call to action is not to his own benefit, and puts a target on his back, but that “…you should never be afraid to fight for liberty and never be afraid to fight for freedom. That’s what we’re doing here…”

As evidence of Biden’s anti-crypto stance, he points to crackdowns on firms including Robinhood, Coinbase, Uniswap, Kraken, Binance who received Wells notices from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Hoskinson says Biden made a deal with Senator Elizabeth Warren during the 2020 electoral race—giving her control of domestic treasury policy if she dropped out of contention. He claims the “fervently anti-crypto” Warren had hand-picked many people running the Treasury agencies.

There’s no negotiation, there’s no conversation, there’s no enlightenment. We’ve tried, as an industry. We’ve spent years as an industry engaging with these people in the most humble way possible.

Charles Hoskinson

Hoskinson’s recent comments build on a similar admonishment earlier this month broadcast live on X when he reacted to Biden’s vow to veto a resolution to undo an SEC policy that stifles how public companies must account for digital assets held by their customers.

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He accused Biden’s administration of actively seeking to damage the crypto industry and said that while he “doesn’t care” who people vote for otherwise, “a vote for Biden is a vote against cryptocurrencies.”

This November, if you vote for Joe Biden as a cryptocurrency holder, please understand the intent of this administration is to destroy the American cryptocurrency industry.

Charles Hoskinson

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