Arthur Hayes on 2024 Trading Strategy: “Its Easy Actually”

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  • Entrepreneur and crypto trader Arthur Hayes believes that investors should simplify their 2024 trading strategies.
  • In general, his philosophy involves holding onto crypto assets with strong fundamentals, while avoiding emotion-based trading during downtimes. 
  • Hayes also touched upon crypto’s long-term relevance thanks to its status as a hedge against inflation.

The crypto market is in full flight this year, with most top-100 coins enjoying substantial gains throughout 2024’s first six months. Although the influx of new all-time highs is slowing somewhat, the mindset for investors should remain the same – at least, according to prominent trader Arthur Hayes. 

Appearing in an interview with YouTube and journalism outlet Coin Bureau, Hayes discussed all things crypto in 2024. In particular, he focussed on how to navigate a potential bull market and some common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

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“Don’t Sell,” Hayes Implores Traders to Keep a Cool Head

If you’ve ever taken a writing class, you probably know the acronym KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.


That’s the underlying philosophy Arthur Hayes wants you to take into the 2024 cryptocurrency market. 

When prompted to advise traders negotiating the current bull(ish) run, his response was straightforward:

It’s pretty simple, everyone knows what they should be doing…Don’t sell, don’t get shook, don’t use too much leverage. 

Arthur Hayes

Unless you’re an experienced trader across all markets – but particularly crypto – Hayes’ advice rings true. Most successful investors follow the mantra “time in the market, not timing the market”. Those with ample technical knowledge and money to burn can make a full-time living off trading daily, for the average investor, HODLing an asset you believe in will win out in the long run. 

Hayes also emphasised the importance of crypto as a hedge against inflation, something the world has seen come into effect following the 2020 pandemic.

If you believe that central banks and governments are in debt and will continue to print money…then crypto is the answer, and obviously, Bitcoin is the OG.

Arthur Hayes

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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