“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author Robert Kiyosaki Says Buy Bitcoin Not Stocks

By Ben Knight March 25, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Investing
  • Author of a popular 1997 financial book Rich Dad Poor Dad suggests that stocks are on their way down.
  • He claims that the Chinese government is pumping too much debt into stocks, which will eventually put strain on and collapse the market.
  • Kiyosaki proposes gold, silver and Bitcoin as alternatives to traditional stocks.

Crypto and Bitcoin can be a polarising topic at the best of times. While more and more traditionally anti-crypto figureheads slowly start to accept Bitcoin might be the real deal, this has also led to many others doubling down on their stance. 

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Notably, author and financial expert Robert Kiyosaki sent out a tweet suggesting that now is a good time to move away from stocks and into alternative markets like Bitcoin. The response was… interesting, to say the least.

China “Foolish” and “Desperate”, Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Ripe for Picking

Robert Kiyosaki is best known for his 1997 bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, which emphasises financial knowledge and independence through investment, business ownership and generally building wealth through diversified income streams.


In a tweet last week, Kiyosaki addressed the current economic state in China, suggesting the government was making several moves that will have a negative flow-on effect on the global stock market. 

Notably, Kiyosaki mentions gold, silver and Bitcoin as three alternative assets that present an excellent way to divest and diversify from the stock market. Plenty were in agreement with the sentiment.

Naturally, many altcoin shills rocked up to announce “x” coin will make the world rich if they buy in now.

Of course, many lost their minds at the mere mention of Bitcoin, providing very little argument against what Kiyosaki said other than “BTC = bad”. 

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Nevertheless, the new wave of financial experts proposing BTC as a hedge against inflation continues to build the coin’s profile during a new all-time high and the impending halving event. Whether BTC can sustain its momentum remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – the discourse is starting to heat up again.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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