Leading Analysts Predict Altcoin Rally, Call BTC’s Short-Term Peak

By Aaron Feuerstein February 27, 2024 In Altcoins, Cryptocurrency
  • Analyst Dan Gambardello predicts an imminent altcoin season, advising followers to prepare for significant gains in ETH, ADA, AVAX, and others.
  • Bitcoin maintains a critical range, with it not dropping below $50k since Feb. 14, 2024.
  • Michaël van de Poppe predicts a potential top between $54-58k and a correction to $40-42k post halving.
  • Analyst Ali highlights Bitcoin’s support and resistance zones, suggesting a bullish upswing or a correction depending on these levels’ stability.

So, amid all this hype around the crypto-AI narrative, with some altcoins pumping like it’s actually altcoin season—while many of the heavy hitters including Bitcoin are just going sideways—one question remains on everyone’s mind: is Bitcoin going to rally some more or are we seeing altcoin season soon?

Analyst Dan Gambardello says alt season is right around the corner and “it will explode out of nowhere.”

He advised his over 250k followers on X (that platform we all used to call Twitter) to get ready for lift-off:

ETH will rocket. ADA will moon. AVAX will soar. And many others. Prepare now.

Dan Gambardello

Bitcoin In Critical Range: Trader

While Gambardello didn’t give a time frame for his prediction, we might be able to shift our focus toward Bitcoin. The top asset has not dropped below USD $50k (AUD $76k) since Feb. 14, 2024.


For trader/ analyst Michaël van de Poppe it will be reaching a top between USD $54-58k (AUD $82-88k) and a correction to USD $40-42k (AUD $61-64k) post halving.

Source: Michaël van de Poppe/ YouTube

So, right now, everyone is watching BTC with bated breath to see if it holds support levels. 

Trader Ali says Bitcoin has two key price zones: a support zone between USD $50k (AUD $76k) and $51.5k (AUD $78.5), where 1.3 million addresses hold 670,220 BTC, and a resistance zone between USD $51.6k (AUD $78.7) and $53.2k (AUD $81.1k) held by 752,600 addresses with 351,600 BTC.

Source: @ali_charts/ X

Alis says a breakthrough above the resistance could lead to a price increase towards USD $57.1k (AUD $87.1k), while failure to maintain the support zone might result in a price drop to $47.7k (AUD $51.6k).

Should Bitcoin manage to break through the resistance, we might see a bullish upswing toward $57,130. Conversely, if the support zone fails to hold, a correction towards $47,700 could be on the horizon.


Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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