ICON Foundation Launches Omni-Chain Messaging Standard on Cosmos

By Decrypt October 06, 2023 In Blockchain, ICON

Zug, Switzerland, October 5th, 2023, Chainwire

The ICON Foundation is excited to announce the launch of xCall on Cosmos. This marks a strategic integration, bringing together the power of xCall and Cosmos’s native interoperability protocol, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). xCall is a comprehensive, general cross-chain messaging standard that can be integrated with any interoperability protocol, such as LayerZero or Wormhole.

The integration of xCall with IBC comes just three months after its initial integration with Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP), which is ICON’s native interoperability layer. This IBC integration, which connects ICON’s interoperability network to Cosmos blockchains Archway and Neutron, offers users and developers leveraging Cosmos a simpler and more flexible cross-chain development experience.

How xCall Works

xCall offers a single interface for building cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps), regardless of their chosen interoperability protocol. This seamless connection means that once a dApp is configured to receive messages from one xCall-connected chain, it can effortlessly receive messages from any xCall-connected chain, opening a world of possibilities for developers.


The usage of xCall contracts generates revenue through built-in fees, which are swapped to ICX tokens and burned for sustainability.

Pioneering Flexibility and Security in Interoperability

xCall offers a multi-protocol verification solution, reducing reliance on a single interoperability protocol and eliminating the need for trust in oracles or a trusted set of validators.Decentralized through relayer incentives, the protocol ensures security in cross-chain messaging.

Unlike other protocols, xCall is platform-neutral, functioning as a layer atop various interoperability protocols, including IBC and BTP. With future integrations, such as LayerZero on the horizon, xCall empowers developers to explore a wide range of possibilities for building cross-chain applications.

There are many advantages to xCall in addition to its platform-neutrality, such as:

  • Standardizing cross-chain messaging for executing cross-chain transactions with a single set of code.
  • Ensuring future-proof compatibility with all interoperability protocols.
  • Complementing the security and technical limitations of existing interoperability solutions.
  • Providing roll-back functionality for failsafe measures in case transactions fail.
  • Simplifying cross-chain overhead reduces the code required for dApps utilizing multiple bridge types.

Min Kim, CEO of the ICON Foundation, commented, “With the integration of xCall on Cosmos, we are pioneering a future where blockchain barriers are a thing of the past. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to simplifying cross-chain development and expanding the reach of dApps across diverse ecosystems.”

Users looking for a cross-chain dApp solution can reach out to hello@xcall.dev for more info.

For xCall developer support, users should join #dev_support on the ICON Discord.

xCall developer resources can be found on xcall.dev.

About ICON Foundation

The ICON Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing blockchain interoperability by supporting the open development of bridging infrastructure to connect all blockchains. Established in 2017, the foundation plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth and mission of the ICON ecosystem.

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