Emoji Usernames Could Become New Internet Identity System

By Robert Drage April 13, 2021 In Crypto News, NFTs, Worldwide

Y.at is making unique identities through using emoji strings that can be connected to everything that’s connected to you.

“Your Yat is your @ for the whole internet”, is the slogan for Y.at, the project that aims to make personalised emoji usernames that could become your universal internet identity and much more. For example, instead of coffeequeen98 or *insert generic email here*, you could be known as 🤖👻👑.

When you own a Yat, it’s yours forever. You own that specific sequence of emojis and that is your unique identifier, since they’ll never mint another like that again.

YAT Examples

Yat Can Be Used for More Than Just Socials

Your Yat can be linked to other services like payment apps, storage locations, or you can make a Yat Link Page that has everything you want inked to you in one place – send and recieve money, chat or build a website.


One of the aims for Yats is to be used instead of long crypto addresses which can increase user experience as well easing the process complex validating and testing efforts to authenticate a crypto address.

The possibilities are endless with Yat. You can receive payments, use it on your socials, and eventually much more. Your Yat can be used as a link like this: https://y.at/🌊🔱🌴 (click it to see it!) and automatically redirect visitors to any website you want.


How They’re Made Unique

A Yat’s Generation indicates the time period in which it was created. People on the waitlist are Gen 0 and every year generation increases with one. The other is Rhythm score, is a number between 1 and 100, determined by: length, popularity, and pattern. The higher the Rhythm Score, the more rare a Yat is, and the more in demand it may be.

Our mission is for Yats to become the best, and most expressive censorship resistant, self-directed, self sovereign identity system ever. We care deeply about privacy as a basic human right, and internet freedom.


They are in the process of developing an oracle service so that Yats can be issued as NFTs on EVM compatible chains such as Ethereum or BSC, aiming to become fully decentralised in the near future.

Having a Yat can help privacy by not giving away any unique identifiers and having the extra bonus of an identifier that expresses you. However, this could cause a problem with unwanted sites or portals that would be avoided by checking a more traditional URL.

Robert Drage

Robert Drage

Robert is a freelance researcher, with a background in information science currently interested in blockchain technology and technical developments in the field.

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