‘I’m Good With It’ – Donald Trump Offers Strongest Crypto Endorsement Yet, Welcomes Crypto Campaign Donations

Businessman holds a Bitcoin with the American flag in the background, symbolizing economic progress
  • Presidential candidate Donal Trump has forced cryptocurrency to be a major topic of debate in his electoral campaign.
  • Seeking re-election, Trump has publicly endorsed the digital asset sector and pledged to protect it from overarching regulation and enforcement.
  • Trump has also released a limited edition NFT collection called “MugShot Edition”.
  • Meanwhile, a memecoin mocking opponent Joe Biden (BODEN) has surged 700% over the past two months.

Over the past few years, I’ve read a few crackpot theories suggesting that 2020 was some sort of black hole that pushed our universe onto an alternate timeline. As time passes, these theories are becoming significantly less outlandish. And now, we have the most convincing evidence of all that we are in a parallel universe:

Donald Trump is pro-crypto.

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Bitcoin No Longer A “Scam Against the Dollar”

Cryptocurrency has become a big-ticket item in the current presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. A huge draw of Trump’s campaign has been discourse around digital assets, in particular, a growing acceptance of the asset class.


During Bitcoin’s massive bull run in 2021, DJT wasn’t the biggest fan. In fact, he publicly denounced it as “a scam against the dollar”.

But a couple of months ago, Trump began his love affair with crypto by saying he can “live with it”.

He has now upgraded his official stance to “I’m good with it.”

Trump’s recent support of cryptocurrency extends beyond somewhat vague statements.

He released his own NFT collection called the “Mugshot Edition”, making light of his current predicament that involves several trials, allegations and indictments. These collectibles can be nabbed for USD $99 a pop.

On top of this, the Trump administration has publicly declared they will accept crypto donations as part of their electoral campaign.

However, perhaps his biggest endorsement of cryptocurrency came in a campaign speech earlier this week, where he touched upon the regulatory arms race occurring in the US that has seen several blockchain projects targeted.

If crypto is moving out of the US because of hostility toward crypto…well, we’ll stop it. We don’t want that…Gensler is very much against [crypto]

Donald Trump

How does the saying go? The enemy of my enemy is my friend?  

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