Breaking: Is Curve DAO ($CRV) Going to Zero? Sandbox ($SAND) Is A No Match for Domini ($DOMI)

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Curve DAO ($CRV) suffered a major hack around the start of August 2023. As it struggled to regain value, the Sandbox ($SAND) also got caught in the wider negative momentum of the flash market crash that started around August 17.

While major coins like these suffer, unique projects like Domini ($DOMI) may be worth taking a look into. But before we talk about why Domini ($DOMI) might be a good investment, let’s look into whether Curve DAO ($CRV) or The Sandbox ($SAND) is a good crypto to buy at the moment.

Curve DAO ($CRV) Struggles to Regain Ground Following $62 Million Hack

On July 30, 2023, Curve DAO ($CRV) was hacked and lost around $60M worth of assets, which significantly hurt its market position. Following this event, $CRV fell by 15.2% from $0.72 on July 30 to $0.61 on August 10.

However, Curve DAO ($CRV) did receive support from the crypto community at large. On August 10, Binance invested $5 million in Curve DAO ($CRV) to help the platform get back on its feet. Yet despite support like this, between August 10 and September 1, Curve DAO’s ($CRV) price fell from $0.61 to $0.45, registering a massive 26.2% decline.


This decline came alongside the market crash in mid-August, with Curve DAO’s ($CRV) already prevailing negative market sentiment. This market sentiment, combined with Curve DAO’s ($CRV) negative moving average technical indicators, signals that it may decline further in the coming days.

But Curve DAO ($CRV) isn’t the only victim of the broader market climate. The Sandbox ($SAND) seems to be struggling, as well.

The Sandbox ($SAND) Registers A Downtick Despite Positive Development

On August 14, 2023, the Sandbox ($SAND) saw a surge in the value of its network transactions, with transactions exceeding $100,000. This is a strong indicator of The Sandbox’s growing demand and popularity.

However, soon after the market crashed, with even the top altcoins suffering major liquidations. The Sandbox ($SAND) seems to have been caught in the market landslide that started around the middle of August. $SAND fell from $0.39 on August 14 to $0.30 by September 1, a 23% decline.

And the negative momentum may still continue for the Sandbox ($SAND). The moving average indicators for the Sandbox ($SAND) indicate a strong sell or bearish signal, which may hurt the platform in the coming days.

So, while prominent projects like the Sandbox ($SAND) are going through a rough patch, is an innovative project like Domini ($DOMI) a good crypto to buy?

Domini ($DOMI) May Be One of the Few Good Choices in the Bear Market

Domini ($DOMI) is bridging the gap between the traditional art market and the innovative world of NFTs. Rather than sticking with the old model of physical artwork, Domini ($DOMI) allows you to buy digitized versions of these assets, and that too at a fraction of the cost.

These digital assets and their ownership records are secured on the blockchain as they are converted into NFTs to buy. Since these digital assets can be fractionalized, the ownership of a single asset can be spread across a wide group of people.

This way, Domini ($DOMI) allows its users to build a dynamic and diverse portfolio with ease. Users can also purchase ownership of assets from other users in the Domini ($DOMI) marketplace.

Since the art market historically yields around 7% returns, Domini’s ($DOMI) developing presence in the space should help it make appreciable returns in the long run.

But you can also expect returns from Domini ($DOMI) in the short term as it goes through its presale. $DOMI is currently in the beta stage of its presale at $0.0021. Since it is meant to grow to $0.0154, investors can expect massive gains up to 633%. Plus, if you invest in Donini now, you can also get a 10% bonus on deposits using the ‘DOMI10’ promo code.

Learn more about $DOMI here:

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