BitBoy on Bail: Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong’s Arrest Over Lambo Drama

By Ben Knight September 27, 2023 In BitBoy
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The popular crypto influencer Ben Armstrong – better known as the head of BitBoy Crypto – was arrested yesterday after a fallout with an ex-business partner was live-streamed on X. The incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, with police detaining Armstrong and charging him with “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by placing another in fear”. After spending nearly eight hours in a cell, the media personality posted his bond, paying US$2,600 this morning to be released on bail. 

The catalyst for all this? A heated dispute over a Lamborghini. 

BitBoy Crypto: What is it and why the animosity?

Ben Armstrong’s crypto journey started over a decade ago when he first made a splash in the industry after being an early investor in Bitcoin. He could not capitalise on his investment, selling right before the BTC explosion in 2017. Vowing to never let such an opportunity pass by due to lack of education, Armstrong started the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel to comment on all things crypto. 

The media company quickly grew and “BitBoy” rose to international prominence. Today, the YouTube channel (now called Discover Crypto) boasts over a million subscribers. As Armstrong’s business expanded, so too did his responsibilities. Eventually, BitBoy Crypto was acquired by HIT Network.


In August this year, Ben Armstrong was publicly ousted from his company after a meeting among high-level execs. They cited problems with substance and financial abuse, proceeding to reclaim a company Lamborghini that was in Armstrong’s possession. 

The timeline of the Armstrong arrest

Not taking kindly to the re-acquisition of his luxury car, Armstrong turned up at HIT Network employee Carlos Diaz’s house. When he arrived in the driveway, the original BitBoy Crypto was already live-streaming the events on X. 

A little after 8pm, Armstrong began to accuse Diaz of wanting “to kill him” and claimed his ex-colleague had ties to the Chicago mafia. Soon after, the police turned up and demanded Armstrong cease streaming the event.

While the camera went dark, the stream’s audio kept rolling. The police asked Armstrong whether he was carrying a weapon – which he denied – until eventually arresting him at around 9pm local time. 

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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