ApeCoin Pumps Almost 50% on Release of ‘Otherside’ Metaverse Demo

July 21, 2022, 10:10 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

A thrilling “first trip” into the gamified metaverse associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has boosted the price of ApeCoin (APE) by around 50 percent.

Data from CoinGecko shows APE rallied in the days following a demo of the Otherside metaverse, and it is up more than 43 percent over the past week. 

APE has been on an upward trend since reaching its all-time low of US$3.10 in June this year – but it’s still down more than 77 percent from its all-time high of US$26.70 in April. 

First Voyage into ‘Otherside’ Metaverse Stirs Excitement

The Otherside metaverse was co-created by metaverse tech company Improbable and Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs flagged its metaverse project and the sale of virtual land in March as a means to expand its Bored Ape ecosystem – one of the most expensive and successful NFT collections launched – guaranteeing strong interest.

Around 4,500 people explored the immersive virtual world via a demo held on July 17, which sparked genuine excitement and helped hike the value of $APE:

The demo was exclusively open to owners (known as Voyagers) of an Otherdeed non-fungible token (NFT). Otherdeed NFTs went on sale earlier in 2022 and essentially represent a plot of land and associated resources in the Otherside world. 

Gameplay Central to Otherside Experience

ApeDAO launched $APE in March to a mixed market reaction, while stating its purpose was to “drive culture forward into the metaverse”. That now seems to be being realised given that $APE is required to access Otherside and purchase game-related assets. 

According to the Otherside project’s litepaper, initially users (aka Voyagers) will engage with the virtual world through a narrative-based gameplay.

All Voyagers are invited to take part in Voyager’s Journey, an 11-part storyline surrounding a mysterious Obelisk that has appeared in the Otherside universe. Team up with other Voyagers, develop your own experiences on your slice of the Otherside, and discover and shape what can be harvested, crafted, traded, bought and sold.

Otherside litepaper

Tech demos like the one that triggered the price increase for $APE are the first stage of the Voyager’s Journey. Future “trips” inside Otherside are planned to accomodate more Voyagers, with dates to be announced via Otherside’s social media.

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