‘WTF Coin’ Crypto Streaker Hits Euro 2020 Match

June 24, 2021, 12:30 PM AEST (updated June 25, 2021)

Running up on stage or out onto the sports field has become a popular way to hijack mass audience attention, if only for a moment, and perhaps shill your shitcoin at a big event.

What The Actual?

Interrupting a June 22 Euro 2020 match in Saint Petersburg, Russia between Belgium and Finland, a young woman ran onto the football pitch wearing just a smile, a black bodysuit and tiny shorts. Across her chest in big letters read ‘WTF’ and in smaller script a website address, yoursafe.wtf. The woman lasted about half a minute before she was captured by security and escorted off the pitch.

To save yourself the trouble of looking up the WTF coin, here are the highlights:

  1. The artwork is pretty cool. That’s all.

Regular Football Fan Also Invades Pitch

The WTF woman was not the only pitch invader of the day. In the other Group B game between Denmark and Russia, a Russian fan made it onto the field before also being stopped by security. However, this fan was not promoting anything. He was simply wearing a Russia jersey and was there to support his team.

For more wacky behaviour, check out these highlights of the Bitcoin 2021 Miami Conference shenanigans.

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