SEGA Backtracks on NFT Plans after Fan Backlash

January 12, 2022, 9:45 AM AEST - 5 days ago

SEGA has put its NFT plans on the backburner after copping considerable backlash from players across the globe, many of whom are calling it another “money grab” scheme from gaming companies.

Following a SEGA management meeting held on December 24, SEGA president and CEO Haruki Satomi mentioned that his views on the play-to-earn model were still to be decided. However, back in April 2019 when the company announced to some of its global customers that it was going to produce NFTs, some responses had been “negative”.

Satomi added that “if it is perceived as simple money-making, I
would like to make a decision not to proceed”. At the moment, there seems to be an uprise from gamers against the P2E model and NFTs built into games, especially in the light of what happened with Ubisoft Quartz last month.

As companies continue to gauge the reaction of this new wave of in gaming going forward, others are jumping in head-first. Recently, the creator of SimCity launched an NFT game in which players are also creators, but it is seen more as an educational game.

Not All Gamers Like NFTs

Gamers worldwide have been growing tired of big gaming companies finding new ways to make money off their clients, before loot boxes were even a thing. For some, adding NFTs looks like another way to make just that happen.

SEGA’s Vision of a Metaverse

Satomi also briefly touched on the metaverse, stating that as a concept it would possibly change in the next five years. He sees the metaverse as a place where a community can gather, but says that shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of a game.

We want to make Super Game as a game that supports global and multi-platform with having a network and a community. If such a game has a competitive element called PvP [player vs player], it could turn into an e-sport.

Haruki Satomi, president and CEO, SEGA

The creators of Sonic added that if they ever go into the blockchain space, they would “work with partners on new technologies and domains, including NFTs, rather than dealing with them in-house”.

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