SimCity Creator Launches NFT Game Turning Players into Co-Creators

September 30, 2021, 12:00 PM AEST - 2 weeks ago

Proxi by Gallium Studios is Will Wright’s new video game where community-created NFTs turn players into co-creators. The SimCity and Spore creator says he thinks of it less as a game than an educational toy.

Proxi is a blockchain-based artificial intelligence-driven game that utilises NFT technology. The user/creator-modelled game gets inside players’ minds to build the community. As Wright explains, “I want the player’s mind to become the landscape of the game.”

The ultimate goal behind the game is to build avatars, modelled on the player’s own subconscious and memories, that can interact with other Proxis (friends, family, or even a fictitious or historic proxy – one modelled on Albert Einstein, for example).

How Does It Work?

Building the Proxi starts with the Memory Maker, a fun to use, simple editor where players can create memories from their lives by inserting photographs, audio, 3D objects, etc. These memory “crystal balls” can then be placed within the game’s landscape and are organised to interconnect with each other. A map is created for how players think, and the memory globes can be tagged with keywords to help make associations.

Ownership of Assets Using NFTs

Through the creation of in-game assets, users retain copyright ownership through using NFT smart contracts as a tool. If a user builds an asset based on somebody else’s creation, for example, the original creator of that collection is rewarded by maintaining an ownership share of that content.

At every stage, we can keep track of who created every piece of the asset or the collection and return that credit back to the creator. So I think that’s going to be a huge step towards getting people motivated to put their creative energies into helping us build this game.

Will Wright, Proxi creator

Gallium Studios has partnered with NFT gaming platform Forte to process the blockchain integration and NFT functionality of the game. Watch the full interview video below, in which Wright explains the Proxi ecosystem:

NFT gaming is becoming hugely popular as in-game items and digital assets are broadly moving to the blockchain. Earlier this month, Australian-based NFT games platform Immutable raised US$60 million in its latest funding round. Earlier in September, the Solana (SOL) ecosystem announced it would host three new NFT games on its blockchain where players can compete and trade with NFTs.

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