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By Ben Knight February 14, 2024
Trading fees
Fiat currencies
15 is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, packed to the brim with advanced trading features and earning opportunities. The platform has been operational for over a decade after being founded in China in 2013 and has helped 14M+ people build their digital currency portfolios. As a primarily crypto-to-crypto exchange, is renowned among the community for perhaps the largest list of supported altcoins on the market.


  • 1,700+ cryptocurrencies available for trading
  • Credit/debit card purchases available through a third-party provider
  • Low trading fees
  • Earning opportunities such as liquid staking and lending
  • Plenty of features for advanced traders including bots and derivatives


  • Limited fiat support – users cannot withdraw AUD
  • The feature-heavy layout may be overwhelming to beginners
  • Not registered with AUSTRAC

Trading fees:


Deposit fees:

Crypto: None
Third-party fiat deposit: Varies between 1-5%

Withdrawal fees:





Cayman Islands

Fiat currencies:


Demo mode:

Full learn platform:

Important: You cannot deposit AUD into To do this you will need to use an Australian exchange like Swyftx to onboard AUD and then purchase an asset like BTC or USDT to then send to your wallet. stands as a veteran in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, catering to millions of users since its inception over a decade ago. Renowned for its competitive fees and sophisticated functionalities, the platform consistently reports over AUD $8B in daily trading volume, making it a favored venue among professional traders.

It is currently ranked second on our best crypto exchange comparison guide.


The exchange is replete with features, offering a wealth of opportunities for earning, a platform for launching new projects, and integrated social media elements. Advanced traders will appreciate its contemporary trading interface that includes TradingView integration and detailed order book visibility, whereas novices will find the “Express Buy” feature particularly user-friendly.

One of’s most compelling attributes is its extensive cryptocurrency portfolio, boasting over 1,700 tokens available for trading. This vast selection places at the forefront for traders seeking access to lesser-known altcoins without the lengthy wait times typical on other platforms, allowing users to invest in emerging tokens before they surge in value. Features

  • Extensive Cryptocurrency Selection: With over 1,700 cryptocurrencies, is unmatched by any other centralized exchange in the diversity of tokens it offers, catering especially to traders interested in exploring niche altcoins.
  • Competitive Fees: Trading fees on are capped at 0.1% for the advanced trading interface, a rate that is highly competitive within the industry. Depending on trading volume and the user’s role as a maker or taker, these fees can even drop to 0%.
  • Beginner-Friendly Initiatives: incentivizes new users with rewards for signing up and engaging with educational content about the crypto market, different tokens, and spot trading fundamentals.
  • Advanced Trading Options: For the more seasoned trader, provides an array of advanced trading tools, including integration with TradingView, bot trading, copy trading, and options for derivatives and margin trading up to 10x leverage.
  • Earning Opportunities: The platform features a comprehensive suite of earning products, such as liquid staking, lending, and liquidity mining. Fees

The fee structure at varies based on the asset being traded, the user’s trading volume, and other factors.

Spot market trades for accounts with lower trading volumes and asset values are subject to a 0.1% transaction fee. This rate can decrease to as low as 0% for high-net-worth individuals on

There are no deposit fees for any cryptocurrencies, while withdrawal fees are variable. For instance, withdrawing USDT and ETH costs approximately AUD $0.75, and BTC withdrawals are charged at $1.65 each.

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