XBorg sells out $2 million seed round community allocation

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 13, 2023, Chainwire

XBorg sold out their $2 million seed round community allocation in record time. The web3 company is developing a collaborative credential infrastructure that allows players to create their digital identity and enjoy tailored user experiences within enhanced gaming applications,

The funds will facilitate the scaling and adoption efforts of XBorg’s infrastructure and applications to reach millions of players and fans worldwide.



Ahead of the raise, XBorg collected interest from more than 8,300 investors totaling $7 million in soft commitments but decided to cap the community allocation at $2 million and maintain the remaining $3 million for leading VCs, closing out the $5 million seed round. The XBG token, expected to be launched towards the end of 2023, now has a $50 million valuation.

XBorg founder and CEO, Louis Regis, said:

“Since day one, we have included our community in the development of XBorg as we believe that the future of gaming will be built by its players. Allocating a large part of our seed round to our community showcases our support for this notion. The widespread enthusiasm of our community in the current market conditions has exceeded our expectations. It demonstrates their trust in our vision to disrupt the gaming and fan engagement industry.”

In the coming months, XBorg is launching its first application in partnership with some of the most prominent esports teams in the industry.

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The current Rocket League world champions, Team BDS, were the first to be announced, with many more in the pipeline. The XBorg app will enable players and fans to build their digital identity, meaningfully connect with their favorite gaming communities, and collect digital items with unique perks that unlock exclusive experiences.

By the end of the year, XBorg aims to become the fastest-growing gaming credential infrastructure via its partnerships with tier-1 esports teams and popular gaming influencers.

Users can already create an XBorg account and get a taste of what their complete app will be like here.

Users are rewarding early supporters of their ecosystem, so they should be active participants and refer their friends if they want to take advantage of this.

About XBorg

XBorg is developing a collaborative credential infrastructure that allows players to create their digital identity and enjoy tailored user experiences within enhanced gaming applications.

It is releasing its first application powered by its credential infrastructure in partnership with the largest esports organizations in the world to scale the adoption of its technology to millions of players and fans.

XBorg is a spin-off of SwissBorg, a crypto wealth management application with over 750,000 users.

For more information about XBorg, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or join their community on Discord.


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