Violation of privacy is a crime loophole. How to protect yourself with a Bitcoin mixer

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Bitcoin can be sent without providing personal information, and therefore it is often called anonymous currency. However, this is an extremely erroneous wording – the privacy of the Bitcoin user in practice is a big question, if not to say that it is often simply impossible.

A more correct definition of Bitcoin would be pseudoanonymity. In Bitcoin, the pseudonym is the address to which the user receives coins or from which he sends funds. Each transaction involving this address is forever stored in the blockchain, and if the address is associated with any user, all other transactions will also be associated with him.

The white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto recommends using a new address every time a new transaction is made. This recommendation remains relevant today, but often this is not enough to ensure the privacy and anonymity of users.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has never provided true privacy. And while Satoshi Nakamoto’s document says that privacy is the goal of the protocol, governments, hackers and other stakeholders who spy on crypto users can analyze the public blockchain by grouping Bitcoin addresses and linking them to IP addresses or other identifying information.


Lack of privacy is a real problem in today’s world. For example, Bitcoin users may not want someone to know what they are spending their money on, how much they earn and what they own, and companies may not want information about transactions to go to competitors, while the lack of anonymity carries a real threat of digital funds loss and even physical harm to their holders from criminal structures and elements. In addition, lack of privacy can lead to a loss of fungibility in monetary units, meaning that each has the same value as any other.

Is there a way out of danger?

The owner of Bitcoins has the ability to create many addresses that are not tied to a person. Bitcoins that will be sent to these addresses have their own public transaction history, and everyone who has ever owned these Bitcoins can de-anonymize themselves, as well as the person or organization from which he accepted these Bitcoins, and to whom he sent them.

In the blockchain, the address of the owner of the Bitcoin is visible, and his identity must be established using additional methods. If such traces are not left, then relative anonymity can be maintained in the blockchain system. The point at which Bitcoin can move from anonymity to identification is trying to convert it into fiat currency through exchanges or wallets. You can de-anonymize yourself by exchanging Bitcoin for cash. But there is a way to keep your actions private on the blockchain.

Bitcoin mixing service BitMix.Biz

Bitcoin mixer is a tool with which you can increase the degree of anonymity in working with cryptocurrency. The algorithm is very simple: the user sends cryptocurrency to the mixer address, which is generated separately for each client, his coins are mixed with transactions of other users or distributed among hundreds of thousands of wallets within him. After that, Bitcoins clean from the information of previous transfers, go to the storage necessary for the sender, returning back to the owner or transferring to the wallet of the new owner.

Bitcoin mixing service BitMix.Biz provides an instant process of mixing your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash coins, regardless of the amount of digital currency that you want to clear, since it has the large pool of prepared, that is, pre-cleared cryptocurrency units among others. This eliminates the need to wait for confirmation of the entire set of transactions involved in the mixing.

The solidity of the service is confirmed by the many positive user reviews that BitMix.Biz has gained over several years, a letter of guarantee confirming the crypto addresses of the mixer using 1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ key, as well as deposits of $ 15,000 on some special forums (if you want to know which ones, write a letter to service support).

For mixing large amounts of digital funds, there is an optional randomization option that provides the safest mixing currently available. Use mirror on the TOR network as an additional safeguard to prevent surveillance of the movement of your digital assets.

When clearing crypto, use the features offered by BitMix.Biz to help you buy time in the race against hackers and a variety of spies who want to poke their nose into your finances. The random fee for the service makes it difficult to track the amount of the transfer, and the delayed time for sending coins blocks the ability to track your identity at the time of sending. Both functions described are available in automatic mode, but you can also select their values yourself manually.


Tor: bitmixbizymuphkc.onion


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