Crypto Trader Says Three Altcoins Are His Golden Tickets, Flips Bullish on One Memecoin With ‘Monster’ Chart

By The Daily Hodl May 06, 2024 In Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEAR Protocol, Pepe
Source: The Crypto Dog/X

An analyst who continues to build a following with timely crypto calls says he has his radar locked on three altcoins.

Pseudonymous trader The Crypto Dog tells his 776,300 followers on the social media platform X that he’s bullish on an Ethereum (ETH) challenger and a pair of memecoins as the digital asset market bounces.

“Seems NEAR, WIF and PEPE are my golden tickets right now.”

On Near (NEAR), the crypto analyst says that he unloaded some of his Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum holdings to accumulate the ETH rival.


“You might have seen me try NEAR long last month. Didn’t work out with the whole market pullback, but kept my hunch it would outperform when we bottom.

I moved a chunk of spot ETH and BTC into NEAR earlier to ride into new yearly highs. Longed as well but closed too early.”

At time of writing, NEAR is trading for $6.84.

Looking at Pepe (PEPE), the trader says the memecoin looks strong on the three-day chart.

“One hell of a chart.”

Source: The Crypto Dog/X

At time of writing, PEPE is worth $0.0000086, up over 6% in the last 24 hours.

As for Floki (FLOKI), the trader says the memecoin looks very bullish on the higher time frame.

“Maybe I should look at FLOKI too, that chart is a monster zoomed out.”

Source: The Crypto Dog/X

At time of writing, Floki is worth $0.00019, up over 9% in the past day.

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