Unstoppable Adds Support for ENS Domains

By coindesk.com July 17, 2023 In Ethereum, Ethereum Name Service

With .eth domain endings, holders will be able to house their digital identity on the Ethereum blockchain. For those unfamiliar with .eth domains, the simplest way to think of them is that they take your long wallet address (i.e. 0x74Fe1103d28fb79F4d83800003983390Dfc61234) and let you register a simpler name like “me.eth”

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Unstoppable aims to bring new users to .eth by offering them for sale on the same platform they already offer .crypto, .nft and .polygon domain endings.

The company is rolling out additional features to ease ownership of .eth domain names, such as offering auto-renewal for Ethereum-based domains, so users don’t have to remember to renew their domain ending at its expiry and risk the loss of a highly-coveted domain name.


It’s also implementing a vault to custody buyers’ domains before they connect them to their wallets and will support fiat payments allowing customers to buy the domain endings with credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay as well as with cryptocurrencies.

With 3.6 million registered Unstoppable Domains and 2.7 million ENS domain holders, the two providers are leading the industry in digital identity preservation. Matt Gould, CEO and Co-Founder of Unstoppable Domains told CoinDesk that making it easy for new users to buy .eth domains will draw customers who aren’t Web3 natives.

“People want to have a one place to manage all their Web3 domains across all different platforms,” said Gould. “They don’t want to have to think about having to pay with a whole bunch of different types of cryptocurrency or having 1,000 different wallets they have to keep track of…that’s kind of that’s the experience that we’re leaning into.”

While users who purchase a .eth domain from Unstoppable will be able to access ENS integrations, holders will not be able to access Unstoppable integrations at launch. Gould noted that the company is working towards developing an industry standard through its participation in the Web3 Domain Alliance, an organization that aims to help define what the future of digital indeed will look like across the crypto space.

“We want to get everyone together in the same room to talk about those things that help support each other, to share tips and tricks on what’s working in their communities, for how to make things move forward, and then also to set standards for the industry,” said Gould.

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Unstoppable has been busy in the bear market, penning partnerships and rolling out support for new domain endings. In February, it added crypto browser Opera-compatible domain endings .crypto and .zil. In March, it teamed up with Polygon to release .polygon domain endings, granting holders access to over 750 applications on the network.

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