Telegram Introduces Toncoin Payments for Channel Ads, Promises 50% Revenue Share with Channel Owners

  • Telegram announces a 50% ad revenue share for channel owners and Toncoin as a payment method for ads.
  • CEO Pavel Durov highlights the potential for earnings on Telegram, with channels generating 1 trillion views monthly.
  • To prevent centralisation, Telegram plans to sell excess Toncoin to investors under a lockup, aiming to stabilise the ecosystem.

Telegram has just made an exciting announcement which should be especially interesting for content creators: revenue sharing. The announcement, made over the Easter weekend, said channel owners can earn 50% of ad revenue from their channels.

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Additionally, Telegram will allow users to buy ads with Toncoin, the cryptocurrency native to the TON (The Open Network) blockchain.

We chose the TON Blockchain because it has low fees, high transaction speeds, and holds a record for the number of transactions it can process per second.


Users will be able to pick and choose which channels exactly are to feature TON-ads, letting them promote their channel with a “handful” of coin.


Telegram CEO Pavel Durov had hinted at the development on his personal channel when he highlighted the platform’s money earning potential.

Broadcast channels on Telegram generate 1 trillion views monthly.

Pavel Durov

TON price had been steadily rising since Durov made the announcement, climbing by 119%, but has lost 6.5% in value in the past 24 hours.

TON Coin (TON), Source: CoinMarketCap

Data from tonstat shows that the number of daily active wallets has been steadily rising, now comprising over 300,000 daily wallets.

Measures to Counter Potential Centralisation

Durov further spoke in a message on his channel about concerns that Telegram’s ad payment structure might lead to the platform accumulating an excessively large portion of Toncoin, potentially undermining the cryptocurrency’s decentralised nature.

To address this, Durov proposed limiting Telegram’s Toncoin holdings to approximately 10% of the total supply.

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The plan involves selling any excess Toncoin to long-term investors under a lockup and vesting agreement spanning 1 to 4 years, and at a price lower than the market rate. This strategy aims to lock up free-floating Toncoin, thereby stabilising the ecosystem and decreasing price volatility.

To limit Telegram’s share of TON at ≈10% of the supply, we’ll be selling the upcoming surplus of our TON holdings to long-term investors. This way free-floating TON will get locked up, stabilizing the ecosystem and reducing volatility.

Pavel Durov

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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