Sydney Crypto Business Launches Hotly Anticipated Rewards 

  • From today until April 31st, you can earn $10USDC per eligible “fren” you refer to Stables. Referrals are only valid for Australian users at this time.
  • The process to refer “frens” is simple and straightforward.

Stables is rolling out its eagerly awaited “Refer a Fren” program, rewarding participants with $10 USDC for every referral. The initiative is designed to onboard the next wave of Aussies to start adopting stablecoins in everyday life, including purchases of goods and services and online payments. 

Based in Sydney, Stables specialises in stablecoin payments, such as USDT and USDC, Stables provides a unique crypto debit card, supported by Mastercard. This enables users to spend their stablecoins wherever Mastercard is accepted, offering flexibility in how they use their digital currency.

Earn $10USDC for Each Fren You Refer to Stables!

From today until the stroke of midnight on April 31st, 2024, Stables is allowing users to earn $10 USDC for every eligible “fren” they bring into the Stables family. 

Curious about Stables? Learn more about them here.


How to Get Started

  • Send an Invite: Grab your unique referral code and send it to your “frens.” Ensure they use this code when they sign up to connect the referral back to you!
  • Complete Verification: Your frens must successfully pass our verification process and complete their account sign-up. It’s quick and easy!
  • Activate Stables Card & Make Purchases: Encourage your “fren”s to activate their Stables Mastercard and make at least three transactions with it. It’s as simple as that!
  • Enjoy Your Rewards: After your “fren” completes these steps, the $10 USDC reward will be paid to your account within 2-3 days. It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the word!

For the latest on how Stables is expanding its ecosystem, including multi-chain send and support for new blockchains, check this out: Stables News

Growth remains anything but stable

Stables is quickly growing into one of Australia’s premier crypto brands, with continued development and innovation at the forefront of their approach. 

The Sydney-based business raised eyebrows when it swept Blockchain Australia’s “Blockies” Awards in 2023, picking up two hotly contested awards for Project of the Year and Startup/Scaleup of the Year. 

In 2024, they haven’t slowed down, expanding their services to the Philippines, allowing for seamless, cheap cross-border payments between the two countries. 


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