Stables Adds Multi-Chain Send and New Blockchains

  • Aussie digital wallet and debit card provider Stables has improved its interoperability, adding several new blockchains for users to send stablecoins across.
  • Additional networks include Tron, Avalanche and Ronin Network. 
  • Stablecoins can be sent across blockchains without a fee, with Stables picking up the gas costs on each transaction.
  • The service is available internationally, with 130+ countries supported.

Australian debit card and crypto payments provider Stables has expanded its services to support a swathe of new blockchains, among other features. Stables users can now leverage several more chains than ever, including popular Layer 2 blockchains Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, as well as Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Base. 

Emojis Added With More Blockchains in the Works

Adding multi-chain sending to Stables reduces a significant barrier to entry in the crypto industry. Many newcomers struggle with lengthy wallet addresses – and the complexity only deepens when you want to send crypto across different networks. But with Stables, users can leapfrog this roadblock by saving a nickname to wallet addresses. So instead of sending USDC to a random string of numbers and letters, you can send it to the recipient’s name. Stables users can add descriptions (and even emojis) to each transfer to make the process even more like an everyday banking transaction.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is that cross-chain transactions between Stables wallets are free. Stables pays for the gas fee on your behalf, while the transaction can still be viewed on a block explorer to confirm its legitimacy.

Stables is working on adding compatibility for several new blockchains over the coming months to expand the service’s interoperability. February saw Stables adding:

With a further 6+ blockchains to be added over the coming month. In a statement, Stables was excited about several upcoming developments to the platform.


At Stables, we’re always looking to support our users by adding new blockchain and stablecoins and the past few weeks has been no exception. Keep an eye out for a further six new blockchains Stables will support over the coming month, plus one of our most exciting announcements to date with the launch of global card onramps. This will allow users to add debit card details in-app to purchase USDC from over 135 countries.


Stables is partnered with Mastercard, meaning once the debit card is loaded up with stablecoins (such as USDC, USDT, DAI and PYUSD), it can be used at any merchant that accepts the global payments provider. In addition to gas-free transfers, deposits of stablecoins into the Stables app are free. Aussies can even link their bank accounts directly to the Stables platform to make converting AUD to and from USDC a simpler task. The service is available globally in 130+ countries, including the United States, the Philippines and of course, Australia.


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