Solana Ecosystem Growing: 3 Exciting Play-To-Earn NFT Games Launching Soon

By Robert Drage September 08, 2021 In Crypto News, Gaming, NFTs, Solana

Solana (SOL) will host three new NFT games on its blockchain where players can compete and trade with NFTs.

The gaming industry is in the midst of a growth spurt and is evolving along with the technology. With nearly US$24.8 billion generated to date, 2021 is already close to surpassing 2020’s full-year revenue (US$30 billion) and on track to overtake 2019 (US$43.6 billion) as the highest-grossing year ever for commercial gaming.

With the rise of the blockchain gaming industry, people can actually earn for time spent in the digital universe. For individuals looking to play some games while earning crypto and NFTs, this is quite appealing. The expanding Solana (SOL) blockchain is now playing host to three new NFT games.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is setting its sights on the strategy genre where players explore space, fight for territories and use other dynamics to dominate the “grand strategy game”.


Players can also mine resources in the digital universe which they can sell in both in- and outside marketplaces.

Game assets are divided into four pillars, with ATLAS and POLIS being the monetary tokens. POLIS is the governance token where players have a say in the fate of the metaverse and the rules governing it, and ATLAS is the payment token for monetary exchange.

Planets are divided into parcels that can be owned and traded. These land parcels allow payers to reap a land tax, which is similar to staking the coin. In-game items like ships and their components can also be bought and sold on the secondary NFT marketplace with Solana-supported currencies.


Aurory will be another gaming platform based on the play-to-earn mechanism. The platform wants players from all over the world to discover blockchain use cases in a fun and educational way.

Aurory will use an SPL token as the core of its gaming ecosystem in both solo and multiplayer modes, but also in its marketplace. The 2D animation side scroller has multiple modes that allow players to earn NFTs when defeating creatures in the single-player mode. The NFTs can then be used in multiplayer mode wherein other NFTs can be earned by battling.

Each time players complete a quest, they gain some tokens that will be usable to play multiplayer games or to buy items in the marketplace.


Genopets is an innovative game where users can create a Genopet or “digital familiar”, which is an NFT connected with your fitness data. Genopets is the first Move-to-Earn MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where players that stay active evolve with their pets.

$KI tokens are generated through data collected by fitness devices and are used in battle, to craft valuable items, and to upgrade your Genopet’s style and performance. Players can earn by trading items and move-sets on the NFT marketplace as well as battling one another in play-for-keeps mini-games.

Solana is currently the seventh-largest crypto by market cap and has seen massive growth and utilisation in the past few months, raising US$450 million to challenge Ethereum for the dapp and DeFi market. In a related event, Australia’s Power Ledger has moved from Ethereum to Solana, favouring its higher throughput and speed.

Robert Drage

Robert Drage

Robert is a freelance researcher, with a background in information science currently interested in blockchain technology and technical developments in the field.

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