‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Supports Cathie Wood, Forecasts Bitcoin to Surge to $2.3 Million

Bitcoin price surge: soaring cryptocurrency values reflect market optimism, potential for financial growth and investment opportunities amidst evolving global economic landscape
  • Cathie Wood of Ark Invest forecasts Bitcoin might reach US$2.3 million, contingent on a significant global asset allocation.
  • Robert Kiyosaki supports Wood’s bullish Bitcoin stance, emphasising personal belief and the value of owning Bitcoin, regardless of outcome.
  • Kiyosaki champions taking informed risks, suggesting even a minimal Bitcoin investment offers valuable learning and growth.

Cathie Wood, known for being bullish on Bitcoin, recently said BTC could reach US$2.3 million (AU$3.5 million). In Ark Invest’s “Big Ideas 2024” report she predicts significant Bitcoin price movements, suggesting BTC could reach that ambitious US$2.3 million if over 19% of the world’s US$250 trillion (AU$383 trillion) in assets are invested in it – not a small goal that’s for sure.

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But, Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ who is also known for his lofty predictions seems to be in agreement with Ark CEO Cathie Wood.  

Addressing his millions of followers on platform X, Kiyosaki said he believed Wood when she “guaranteed” Bitcoin price to hit US$2.3 million – while also acknowledging she may be wrong.


Do I believe her? Yes, I do. Cathie Wood is very smart. I trust her opinion. Could she be wrong? Yes. She could be. So what?

Robert Kiyosaki

To him the more important question is how many Bitcoin you own, and what your individual beliefs about Bitcoin’s future are.

And most importantly ‘How many Bitcoin do you own?’ If Cathie is right I will wish I bought more. If she is wrong, I will be glad to own zero. Most people will own zero regardless if Cathie is right or wrong.

Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki: Live Dangerously

The author suggests that whether Wood’s predictions eventually become reality or not, only “school smart people” never make mistakes.

School is the only place on earth where “smart” people are people who never make mistakes.

Robert Kiyosaki

Ultimately, life is about making mistakes and learning from them, Kiyosaki adds that “the richest and happiest people are people who make mistakes and learn from them their mistakes.”

This leads him to encourage people to “live dangerously.”

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He is essentially saying that buying Bitcoin could work out or it could prove out to be a mistake, either way you have to make your own decisions and not unimportantly – no risk, no gain.

In closing Kiyosaki says it’s worth having at least a small amount of BTC – if you can afford it.

If you can afford 0.01 Bitcoin, regardless if Cathie is right or wrong you will be better educated, smarter, wiser when it comes to Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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