Survey Shows Shift in Investor Sentiment, Unveils Gen Z Favours Crypto Over Stocks

By Ben Knight April 11, 2024 In Cryptocurrency, Investing, Surveys
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  • A survey conducted by Policygenius uncovered that Gen Z and Millenials are the most active demographics in the crypto market.
  • The questionnaire found that approximately 20% of participants owned crypto, while just 21% owned real estate – showing that traditional ideas around investment are flipping.
  • A trend of younger people investing in crypto and turning to the blockchain for financial freedom is becoming more and more prominent, especially given Bitcoin’s favourable performance in 2024.

A survey from Policygenius looking at demographics and investment trends uncovered something interesting – that crypto is becoming a real option for younger people looking to set up a portfolio. The recent survey touched upon various financial beliefs held by investors based on generation, and unveiled some interesting data.

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Financial “Hacks” in Favour as Trend Shows Gen Z Avid Crypto Investors

The survey looked purely at US residents, which while ignoring a large portion of the world does hone in on one of the crypto world’s largest markets. The main finding demonstrated that those in Gen Z and Millenials were just as likely to own crypto as they were to own real estate (approximately 20% for each).

Source: Policygenius 2024 Financial Planning Survey

Now, to be clear, property isn’t exactly the best comparison considering you can buy Bitcoin for as little as $1 in some places, while the housing market has exploded into being unaffordable for most young people. However, it does suggest that the age-old adage of “buy a house as soon as possible” may be becoming outdated, whether out of necessity or shifting sentiment.


Perhaps even more significant was that 18% of Gen Z participants said they preferred to invest in crypto over stocks. Although this may not seem like a massive figure, it is a massive increase from prior years and shows that younger people are key to the blockchain revolution. The survey also uncovered that Millenials and Gen Z demographics are more financially flexible, willing to try social media challenges and “financial hacks” in their search for financial freedom.

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The survey is yet another notch in the trend toward buying crypto by younger people. With Gen Z being the most work-life balance-oriented generation to exist, many are looking for ways out of the rat race as soon as possible. For many, crypto seems like a potential stepping stone into life without an 8hr daily grind, as property becomes inaccessible to more and more of the average population.

Ben Knight

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