On the Radar – Coins to Watch 11/07

  • German Government nears the end of selling its Bitcoin holdings.
  • Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are back buying, above their benchmark average. 
  • Altcoin analysis:  STX and ONDO

The German government is nearing the conclusion of its significant Bitcoin sell-off, a move that has been closely watched by the crypto community. A once $3 billion US balance currently sits at $895 million US. 

Demand for the Bitcoin ETFs in the US has also returned, with the last three sessions averaging just over $200 million US in inflows which is above the $125 million US all-time daily average. 

Next Macroeconomic Catalyst

We have two major inflation metrics to come. Tonight, the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) will be released at 10:30 pm AEST. The expectation is for a 0.1% increase in the month-on-month reading. 

Tomorrow, the Producer Price Index (PPI), where 0.1% is expected. PPI measures the change in the price of finished goods and services producers sell. While CPI measures the change in prices of goods and services for consumers. 


Results outside expectations on either of these key metrics of inflation could result in market volatility. 

Fear and greed currently reads 29; last month this figure read 74. 

Hot Take

Weak jobs data last week is one of the cracks we have been waiting to see in the US economy these last few months. We had worse-than-expected employment data, and all eyes are on the Fed for hints on when they will step in here. As expected, or better than expected inflation data will be another step towards this reality. The market has already started to expect the end of September 2024. 

I’m watching the market closely now for clear signs of strength in the coming days and weeks. 

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Bitcoin – BTC

Bitcoin continues to hold steady at the previous month’s lows, as shown below. Continuing to use these monthly levels as a framework, below are two potential scenarios.

Source: TradingView

Bullish Scenario

Bulls continue to defend at these lows, and we start to see a move towards the monthly mid-range of $66,000 USD.  

Bearish Scenario

Failure to garner any interest from buyers could cause prices to slump back towards the previous lows under $54,000 USD. 

My Thoughts 

We’re at a decision point. I think any sign of strength here from the bulls could send us above $65k faster than what people are expecting. 

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Stacks – STX

Stacks, a Bitcoin infrastructure token, has been catching my eye these last few days as it’s been one of the few assets on my watchlist that has outperformed Bitcoin this week. Below is a schematic of what I would be looking for if this was a bullish move building. 

Source: Tradingview 

Bullish Scenario 

Holding above this Key High (grey box) is critical for building a bullish market structure. If we do so, we could then see $2.54 and $2.85 as next key Fibonacci targets. 

Bearish Scenario

Failure to hold above this new local high could see new lows, under $1.24. 

My Thoughts

This was one of the early movers during the Q4 2023 rally, I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see how it continues to perform. 

Ondo Finance – ONDO

One of the top performers compared to Bitcoin in recent days, Ondo is nearing a critical level. Using a Fibonacci Retracement tool, here are two scenarios. 

This differs from the Fibonacci Extensions tool, which measures from the most recent high to low. This measurement takes the previous significant low to high instead. 

Source: TradingView

Bullish Scenario 

Ondo is able to flip the grey box into support, creating a bullish market structure. From there we would want to see higher highs and higher lows develop towards the mid range of $1.105. 

Bearish Scenario

This is simply just a bearish retest, and we go lower under $0.725 

My Thoughts

Very early to tell if this is going to flip resistance and build some bullish market structure. I will be looking for strength across the market (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and then watching charts like this to become more developed.

See you all again next week.

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Pav Hundal

Pav Hundal

Pav Hundal, is a trader at heart. Making the transition from the FX markets to the dynamic world of cryptocurrency in 2017. With a keen eye for both technical and fundamental analysis, Pav places special emphasis on tracking macroeconomic conditions to build narratives around current trends. Currently, he lends his expertise as the Lead Market Analyst at Swyftx.

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