Telegram’s ‘Notcoin’ Teams Up with 1inch and Sign to Launch ‘Triangle’, a New Accelerator for TON Apps 

By Jody McDonald July 11, 2024 In Notcoin, Telegram, Toncoin
May 29th 2024, investor analyzing price of Notcoin on a crypto exchange.
  • Telegram-based viral gaming hit, Notcoin—built on TON—has partnered with 1inch and attestation protocol, Sign, to launch an accelerator program named Triangle, intended to grow the TON ecosystem.
  • The accelerator will provide mentorship, technical support and fundraising advice to participants, culminating in a demo day which could lead to projects receiving funding.

The Telegram-based viral gaming sensation Notcoin has partnered with the DeFi platform 1inch, and the Sequoia Capital-backed attestation protocol Sign, to launch a Telegram and TON accelerator program named Triangle.

According to Triangle’s website, the accelerator’s purpose is to provide support and mentorship to founders and builders looking to build Web3 apps on Telegram and TON. 

Triangle says it’s open to supporting a wide range of projects, but will prioritise apps which are “building infrastructure for TON, enhancing UX for TON Ecosystem, bringing liquidity to TON and Telegram Ecosystem, accelerating the Telegram mini apps ecosystem” or are working to ease consumers’ transition from Web2 to Web3.

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Accelerator Will Possibly Offer Funding

Triangle’s accelerator program will involve builders and founders spending six weeks “with various mentor sessions”, culminating in a demo day where builders can present their projects and possibly receive funding. Applications for the accelerator will close on August 10.

Posting on X, Triangle says projects chosen to participate in the accelerator will receive a range of support, including help with fundraising, technical support and access to mentoring from Web3 leaders:

Triangle’s accelerator will focus on providing founders support with GTM (go-to-market) strategies, technical support, mentorship and fundraising. Builders will receive infrastructural support from @thenotcoin, @commmmmunity, @ethsign, @1inch and many more ecosystem partners.


The mentors available to accelerator participants will initially include Sign CEO Xin Yan, 1inch co-founder Anton Bukov and Notcoin founder Sasha Plotkinov, among many others.

Triangle says the ultimate goal is to bring hundreds of millions of users to Web3 through Telegram: 

Web3 landscape changes rapidly. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s solutions for us, such as seamless onboarding to Web3 for hundreds of millions of users through Telegram. We’re seeing how the rapid growth of TON blockchain is becoming a center of interest in the blockchain industry, day by day.


What Is TON?

TON stands for The Open Network (previously Telegram Open Network)—it’s a blockchain initially launched in 2018 by the Russia-based messaging app, Telegram. However, Telegram abandoned the project in 2021 after a legal tussle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found the $TON token was likely a security.

TON now claims to operate completely independently of Telegram, with no apparent input at all from Telegram executives, although the Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has publicly endorsed the project.

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Despite being independent from Telegram nowadays, TON continues to leverage the messaging app to create dApps built on the network. For example, Notcoin, while being built on TON, is actually played within Telegram.

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