New VIMworld Companions Will Add Millions in Token Value to Digital Assets

By Coindoo July 14, 2023 In VIMworld

Upgrade Also Includes Dedicated Section for Fan Fiction Stories and Lore

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VIMworld, the leading blockchain-based digital asset platform, has launched an upgrade that increases the available companions that can increase the value of users’ VIM digital assets. To date, thousands of EGGs have been hatched with Companions that are then deployed to help VIMs in a variety of ways. So far VIMworld has rewarded close to 100 million in VEED tokens and millions in POWA tokens.

New VIMworld Companions Will Add Millions in Token Value to Digital AssetsCompanion Awakening

Three new categories debuted that will add value to VIM digital assets, including Energy Recharge, Energy Burst and Gift of the Gods. But there’s a twist. A new “Awakening” mechanic was put in place, meaning the Companions with this new benefit will not be available for use until three of each Companion in the series have been hatched.


Track Progress in VIMstudy

To keep users working towards finding Companions needed to Awaken a new series, VIMworld updated the interface of the VIMstudy and added a filtering toggle. Now users can filter by Companion Utility so it will be easy to see all revealed Companions sorted by their Series. At the time of release, only the Energy Burst Series has been awakened. This series allows the owner to extend the amount of VIMenergy given to a VIM past the daily limit, up to the designated amount in the Companion.

VIMworld Stories

The new Stories section is a catalog of VIMworld’s epic stories and sagas over the years. Stories are separated into two categories: MainStory and VIMStory. MainStory consists of the main VIMworld storyline. These are generally multi-part epics that coincide with major developments, and include VIMs, deities and other visiting characters. VIMStory includes the origin and introduction stories when new VIMs are released. A Fan Fiction section was added, with details for submission requirements available in an upcoming release.

VIMworld 101

To get started, users can purchase a digital VIM in the Marketplace or play one of the Arcade machines during monthly events to get one. Those looking to test their luck can start with Boxes in the Store that contain unique and rare EGGs. These EGGs can be hatched with an Incubator paired with a VIM to start the hatching process.

VIMworld continues to build more ways to have fun and earn rewards, making it one of the most exciting platforms! Interested users can visit VIMworld, join the Discord or find us on social media. VIMworld’s upcoming releases will continue to expand its multi-chain compatibility.

Access VIMworld now

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The Energy Burst Series allows the owner to increase VIMenergy past the daily limit.The Energy Burst Series allows the owner to increase VIMenergy past the daily limit.

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