Minecraft Goes Web3 with Polygon-Based ‘NFT Worlds’

Microsoft’s hugely popular Sandbox game, Minecraft, is going Web3. ‘NFT Worlds’ is a blockchain layer that will be added to third-party Minecraft servers accompanied by a Polygon-based overlay, with the Ethereum sidechain set to offer gas-free transactions.  

Minecraft Adds a Blockchain Layer

Minecraft seems to be the answer Web3 builders have been searching for, and the announcement of NFT Worlds is generating a lot of hype on social media. The 2011 smash-hit video game has remained widely relevant since its release, and the announcement of the move to Web3 will only heighten interest:

NFT Worlds will permit players to experience the metaverse within an existing game. The NFTs Minecraft is set to add will come in the form of land, similarly to metaverse-specific games like The Sandbox. Users who purchase an NFT will be given a world seed – a unique code that generates a specific landscape. Essentially, this will enable users to purchase their own server.

Beyond this, NFT Worlds will provide players with other Web3 features, including an online shop selling items to enhance gameplay. The current floor price for a Minecraft seed is US$45,000 and the $WRLD token will be used for any in-game purchases.


Microsoft Embraces Crypto and the Metaverse

Mid-2021 saw Microsoft introduce NFTs to Minecraft with the backing of an Enjin wallet. The project permits players to collect in-game digital assets granting players access to a range of special quests and benefits. This venture was followed by Microsoft’s move to purchase prominent gaming company Activision Blizzard. The US$69 million acquisition is a continuation of Microsoft’s metaverse plans.

By Lauren Claxton, Crypto News Guest Author

Lauren Claxton

Lauren Claxton

Lauren is currently a freelance writer with experience in finance writing. She has a growing interest in the metaverse and all things NFTs and expects to graduate in 2022 with bachelors degrees in creative writing and public relations.

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