Major Differences Between Crypto Casinos and Traditional Casinos

As a result of the rapid advancement in technology these days, and the worldwide pandemic, one shouldn’t be surprised to see many gamblers are changing their gambling methods to online casinos.

Several gambling websites offer the entertainment you need to keep yourself entertained from the comfort of your own home. Most gamblers online do not know about Bitcoin casinos and the way they operate. Check out our Review of Games to learn more about what Games are on offer to you.

Crypto Casinos vs. Traditional Casinos

There are several advantages crypto casinos have against traditional casinos. As the world progresses into the future, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies might become a considerable part of the gambling world. This article introduces you to crypto casinos and compare them with the usual “brick and mortar” traditional casinos.

Traditional Casino Roulette Table

The crypto world has brought a lot of changes to the gambling world. Knowing the significant differences between crypto and Traditional gambling should not be so hard. Some differences make Bitcoin casinos better than online casinos. Let’s take a look.

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List of Major Differences Between Crypto Casinos and Traditional Casinos

Before you select the type of casinos you would like to play, you should take time to look at the differences between the two types of casinos, explained below.

1. Currency

One of the main differences between crypto casinos and traditional casinos is the type of currency used to perform various transactions. Regular casinos make use of fiat currencies to exchange and measure value. They include Australian Dollars, Euros, British pound, US Dollar, whereas Crypto Casinos make use of cryptocurrencies to exchange and measure value they include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) among others.

See How to Deposit Bitcoin into your online crypto casino Account for more detailed instructions to get started.

2. Security

Security is one of the most critical things which comes to mind whenever one wants to gamble through the Internet—comparing Bitcoin casinos and Traditional Casinos. They both have significant differences when it comes to security. Cryptocurrency wallets are considered way more secure than debit cards, credit cards, and even bank accounts if they are stored correctly in cold storage.

Casinos like Games have security encryption, making it difficult for hackers to access the financial and personal information of you as a gambler. You can always rely on secure gambling because your transactions are secured using blockchain. Using blockchain, there’s no way hackers can get a grip of what your account holds.

Another element you get to enjoy when gambling in a crypto casino is how anonymous you can be. Unlike traditional casinos, these crypto casinos do not require disclosing personal details. This enhances the security of the identity of players as it saves them from dangerous people with hostile intent.

Blockchain secure transactions

It’s also important to note that Bitcoin is decentralized, whereas regular currencies are bound by financial institutions and the government, which has control over them. But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have no one with control. This means your gambling bank account could get frozen whenever the government desires for particular reasons. When it comes to the crypto world, you have complete management over your money and your account. Your funds and your account cannot be frozen. Crypto Casinos are way more secure than traditional casinos in this regard.

3. Game Fairness

Another significant difference between crypto casinos and regular casinos is how fair the games can be. Are crypto casinos games fairer compared to traditional casinos? Traditional Casinos which run on fiat currencies have house edges between three to about fifteen percent depending on your case and your specific traditional casino. Whereas crypto casinos use random number generators, which some people might consider introduces more fairness into the games.

The reason that we can guarantee provably fair gaming is that your web browser supplies a random number that we must incorporate into the random number generator in a provably consistent way. Our server first shuffles the deck, and your computer then gives us a random number that we must use to repeatedly cut the deck. Since our servers do not know what random number your computer will send, we have no way of knowing how the shuffle will look in the end. To manually verify a game that has been played, press the green verify button in the MY GAMES table after a game has been played. Games on Game Fairness

4. Transparency

If you have ever gambled in a traditional casino before, you should know the tricks that the operators use to entertain players. Some of these include blocking out windows, hiding the clocks, putting the air-con up high, filling the room with attractive sounds and flashing images to name but a few. To our knowledge, Bitcoin casinos don’t use these techniques, mainly because they are not yet possible on websites and apps.

5. Availability

Have you ever waited for a seat at the table? Well at the online casino there is always a seat available for you. You can also change to any other game within seconds without even leaving your seat.

Game Selection at Online Crypto Casino Games

5. Convenience

Australians love convenience, so it’s popular with Aussies to do online gaming instead of playing at a casino. They might lose the “atmosphere” but they might save on travel time and expenses.


The differences highlighted here are significant. This creates a severe difference in your experience as a gambler. Players have considered these preferences and differences before selecting online crypto gaming sites for various types of games that they would like to play.

Available games include live dealer games, baccarat, poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack. You need to improve and develop your gambling skills by practising to increase your winning chances. Both crypto and traditional casinos offer free gaming features, which would train you to make lots of winnings without paying for it.

So get your computer and log on to play games online such as Pokies or Roulette.


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