LIVE Crypto Trading Course – 6 Week Program by The Crypto Den

By David Haslop November 12, 2021 In The Crypto Den

The Crypto Den’s Live Trading Course helps newcomers learn how become better traders through a series of interactive live trading sessions you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

About The Live Trading Course

The trading course runs for six weeks (12 sessions) and will take you through the journey of how to become a better crypto trader, teaching you market analysis, technical analysis and mindset.

All lessons are recorded and uploaded to the student only area of the website and mobile app for lifetime access so you can re-watch and learn at your own pace.

The TCD Trading Fundamentals program isn’t just a 6 week course, its a community. You will receive lifetime access to the private students only section of the platform where you can chat amongst previous students, share charts, submit homework or ask advice from experienced traders at any time.

  • When: Twice weekly (Mon and Wed at 7pm AEST).
    First lesson starts on Nov 15, 2021, 7pm AEST.
  • Where: Watch live online via ZOOM
  • Duration: 60 – 90 mins

How to join

To join simply register for the Trading Fundamentals Course. After which you will receive an automated email outlining next steps.

In order to chat with other members and get help from our experts, you will also need to join the TCD Discord Server. If you don’t have a discord account you can create a free account in their website.


Registrations close 5pm (AEST) Monday 15th November. Must be registered to access the lessons.

What will I learn?

  • Support/Resistance: How to identify key horizontal areas of an assets chart
  • Candlestick Analysis: Learn what the different shapes, sizes and meanings behind the candles
  • Chart Indicators: How to use indicators to compliment and confirm your analysis
  • Moving Averages: How to use moving averages to help determine entries and exits
  • Chart Patterns: After learning the candlestick analysis we learn to put them together in common chart patterns
  • Supply & Demand: Learn the areas of interest the “whales” are on the lookout for
  • Exchange Tutorials: How to understand and use the exchanges used to trade on (its not as overwhelming as you might think!)
  • Fibonacci: Learn the MAGIC and WIZARDRY of Fibonacci!
  • Elliot Wave Theory: Discover the psychology of the market cycles dictated by human emotion
  • Market Psychology: One of the most important attributes of a successful trader is the psychology of the traders and their mindset
  • Trade Plan: Put all the ingredients of the cake together to make the best cake possible!

Meet the Team

David Haslop – CEO & Founder

David founded TCD in 2017 after a huge demand of newbies entering the market need guidance from more experienced traders. After teaching people 1 on 1 for almost 5 years the demand got so high David started the LIVE trading courses. As a successful and profitable professional trader David has shared his knowledge and experience with tens of thousands of people.

Cassie Millar – General Manager & Full-time Trader

The Crypto Den was one of the first groups Cassie joined when she started her trading career over 4 years ago.

Cassie has since developed her own successful trading style, she keeps it simple but effective, she has also mastered the art of patience, which is a much needed discipline in trading.

Cassie’s passion is to help/guide people find their own trading style and become successful traders.

Didier Mamet – General Manager & Full-time Trader

Didier has over 5 years Technical Analysis experience, his core strengths lie in Trading the financial markets and executing his strategy with precision. With a disciplined and patient trading nature, he is able to read and analyse the market allowing him the time to pull the trigger when the price is at it’s most profitable key area. Without over trading and causing paralysis over analysis, he believes patience is key. Developing a strong mindset is paramount to becoming a profitable trader.

Pete TortoriciTeam Leader & Full-time Trader
Pete predominantly trades patterns with the help of Fibonacci and some EMA’s. He likes to keep the TA simple and not overcomplicate things by using too many indicators.

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David Haslop

David Haslop

David is managing director at The Crypto Den - Australia's largest crypto and trading education group with over 55,000 members.

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