Kubera Brings Crypto Portfolio Tracking to the Next Level

By Crypto News Bot July 31, 2020 In Crypto Trackers, Review

Crypto portfolio managers have been all the rage ever since the crypto boom of 2017. A new modern day app called Kubera has recently launched and it has some really cool features.

Some key benefits of Kubera:

  • Kubera is the only portfolio tracker that supports Fidelity & Coinbase together.
  • It’s simple to use – As easy as entering your assets in a spreadsheet. You can organize everything the way you want.
  • Supports all kinds of assets – banks, cash, stocks, bonds, funds, crypto, real estate, art, vehicles, domains, digital assets, everything.
  • Connect to your online accounts – banks, investments & crypto accounts. Get latest values automatically from thousands of banks, fintech apps, and all major crypto exchanges & wallets.
  • Single sign on support for Google/Gmail.
  • You can also track your Debts including loans & credit cards in Australia.
  • You can also track your insurance policies.

Crypto Support

Kubera has built-in support for all major cryptocurrencies – just enter the code and quantity in the value field to see the value in your portfolio currency.

Video show Litecoin added as an asset to be tracked by Kubera.

Connecting to Crypto Exchanges

You can connect you most of the popular crypto exchanges including Binance and Coinbase. This is simply done by adding the exchange read-only API key.

Why is it different from a spreadsheet?

  • Excel or Google Sheets require formulas – Kubera handles all the formulas in the background for you.
  • Excel or Google Sheets require data sources for automatic updates –  Kubera can connect directly to your Crypto exchanges & wallets and Bank accounts.
  • Kubera can connect directly to your Crypto exchanges & wallets and Bank accounts.
  • Kubera has a beneficiary service which activates if you’re inactive for a certain number of days, to ensure safe transfer of information about your wealth to your family.


How much does it cost?

Kubera runs as a straight forward subscription service – No owning your data, no up-selling of advisor services, no selling data and no ads.

Try before you buy! – Kubera is Free to use with unlimited access to all the features for 100-days.


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