Jupiter Airdrop: Crypto Banter Reveals 4 Altcoins Which Will Moon Soon

By Aaron Feuerstein February 01, 2024 In Render Token, Solana
  • Ran Neuner highlights Solana as a top altcoin buy due to the upcoming Jupiter Airdrop on its platform, a leading DEX aggregator by trading volume.
  • He also points to Render (RNDR) as promising, driven by its connection with Apple’s Vision Pro and GPU & Spatial computing technology used in Apple’s new glasses.
  • The Crypto Banter host is bullish on BitTensor (TAO), highlighted by Vitalik Buterin for using crypto incentives to enhance AI without full cryptographic encryption.
  • Finally, Neuner eyes Sui, suggesting a strategy to hedge by going long on Sui and short on Aptos (APT) for potential profit regardless of market direction.

Solana and Render

Ran Neuner, the host of Crypto Banter, recently published a video sharing some of the hottest altcoins. The most interesting buy, according to Neuner, is Solana. This is due to the Jupiter Airdrop, scheduled to happen Wednesday US Time.

Source: Crypto Banter/ YouTube

Jupiter is a DEX aggregator on the Solana blockchain that connects users with various decentralised exchanges (DEX), offering services like a limit order swap feature and dollar-cost averaging (DCA). The launch is said to be an equal distribution between the team and community. CoinDesk reported that in the 24 hours before the token issue the DEX settled half a billion Dollars in trades, making Jupiter the largest DEX by trading volume.

Render (RNDR) is another altcoin with lots of potential, mainly based on the hype around the launch of Appleā€™s Vision Pro. GPU & Spatial computing, which is used by Appleā€™s new glasses, is powered by Render.

Tao and Sui

Another altcoin of interest here is BitTensor (TAO), which was mentioned by Vitalik Buterin in an article he recently wrote on the challenges of crypto and AI. In his article Buterin suggests that BitTensor applies crypto incentives to improve AI development without fully employing cryptography for complete encryption, indicating a balance between incentivising AI enhancement and avoiding the complexities of extensive cryptographic encryption

BitTensor (TAO), 7-day graph, source: CoinMarketCap

Neuner is also very bullish on Sui, but he also suggested that people could just hedge their bets and go long Sui and short Aptos (APT). He suggested with that move investors would have easily doubled their money.

If you wanted a market risk neutral trade, what you could have done is you could have gone long Sui, short Aptos. If the market went down, you would have stayed neutral. If the market goes up, you would have stayed neutral. All you’re doing is you’re taking a bet on Sui versus Aptos and you would have doubled your money.

Ran Neuner

Aaron Feuerstein

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