Is the Crypto Bull Market Over? Miles Deutscher Weighs in with Decisive Insights

  • Crypto market views are divided; some think the peak is reached, others anticipate a bull run.
  • Seasonal dips in interest each summer and issues like Mt. Gox add to market fluctuations.
  • Analyst Miles Deutscher suggests this cycle is typical, with a major peak expected in 2025, driven by ongoing adoption and new market potentials.

With the recent dip in crypto prices, some influencers claim the market has peaked, while others argue the actual bull run is yet to start – so, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what to make of things.

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Even seasoned crypto analysts like Miles Deutscher say opinions are more divided than ever.

The bears are saying the cycle top is in. The bulls are saying this is the final dip before the next leg up.

Miles Deutscher

So, what’s going to happen next? Here is Deutscher’s guess.


Summer Lull is Normal, Says Deutscher

Yes, writing these lines from a cold 11-degree room, it doesn’t seem like summer, but the northern hemisphere right now is experiencing what can best be described as a summer lull. And, Deutscher says it happens every year – in summer months, interest in crypto drops.

Of course, Mt. Gox doesn’t help either – each time FUD around these repayments surges, markets drop.

“We often overestimate technology’s short-term impact and underestimate its long-term effects”

Deutscher points to a post by Aylo (@alpha_pls), who says that the current crypto cycle appears more typical than initially thought, despite early anomalies such as Bitcoin and altcoins like Solana hitting all-time highs prematurely.

The lengthy consolidation of Bitcoin below its peak and a significant downturn in altcoins suggest a standard cycle trajectory, with a peak expected in 2025.

Aylo said, new spot ETFs, classification of ETH as a commodity, upcoming rate cuts, US elections, and global liquidity expansion validate a bullish scenario.

Despite scepticism fuelled by past cycles, the adoption and utility of crypto technologies continue to grow, underscoring a robust future with diverse applications like DeFi and potential new markets in gaming and AI.

“Current state of the market”, source: Route 2 FI via Miles Deutscher

Shocking Reason Altcoins are Underperforming

Deutscher has dug through a lot of data to show why altcoins have been having a very hard time this cycle.

The reason? Simple supply and demand.

Deutscher shows that the market has been flushed with altcoins, almost six times the amount during the 2021 peak.

While many projects unlock tokens, the constant pressure to sell affects the market.

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If you print more tokens, this, in turn, reduces crypto’s purchasing power relative to other currencies (like USD). Altcoin dispersion is basically crypto’s version of inflation.

Miles Deutscher

So, what can you do about all this then? According to Deutscher, it’s to learn the “art of rotation”.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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