Introducing Blinks: Blockchain Links Arrive on Solana – Here’s Why It Matters

By Ben Knight June 27, 2024 In Blockchain, Memecoins, Solana
Solana blockchain platform cryptocurrency
  • Meme coins have been on a run in the first half of 2024, and their utility may be improving thanks to new technology from the Solana Foundation.
  • Solana is introducing Blinks and Actions, a pair of tools that will allow blockchain transactions to be finalised at the click of a button.
  • This will allow crypto users to stake, purchase, swap and donate tokens from their social media feeds.

2024 has been a sparkling year for meme coins, if not somewhat obscured by the discourse around Bitcoin and spot ETFs. In this timeframe, Solana has cemented itself as the go-to network for new meme coin projects, with tokens like Book of Meme and Bonk taking flight. 

Now, the popular DeFi ecosystem intends to leverage this position by bringing meme coins – among other features – to a mainstream audience.


Welcome to the era of blockchain links (or Blinks for short) and Actions.


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The nitty-gritty of blockchain links is a little complex (you can read up on the technical side of things via the Solana document). But, in simple terms, they act as a portal between a decentralised ledger and a third-party client – a social media feed, a crypto wallet or even an application like Discord. 

A Solana Action creates an API that supports transactions on Solana via simple means such as “QR codes, buttons + widgets and websites”. From there, the blockchain link transforms that Action into a user-facing piece of data that can be interacted with. 

Actions and blinks on Solana allow any website and application on the internet to be a distribution point for on-chain interactions, furthering the goal of mainstream adoption.

Jon Wong, Head of Solana Ecosystem Engineering

It’s easy to see why Blinks and Actions could be so effective. A huge barrier to cryptocurrencies being used as intended – as a mainstream alternative to fiat – is the difficulty of setting up a wallet and finalising transactions.

Although users will still need to create and maintain a Solana-friendly wallet, imagine being able to send small amounts of cash at the click of a button. Donate to a cause using digital currency, or compensate a content creator directly without worrying that someone else is getting a slice of their pie? 

Integrating convenient payment options could entice a whole new wave of users while improving how internet personalities are rewarded for their work. 

The founder of Dialect – a development team that worked alongside Solana to create Blinks and Actions – touched upon some of the use cases of the new tech.

From your X feed, you can buy an NFT, tip a creator, receive money, vote, stake, swap and so much more.

Chris Osborn, founder of Dialect

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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