Formula 1 Hits the Blockchain With ‘DeltaTime’ NFT Fantasy F1 Game

As the NFT boom continues, Formula One (F1) has cemented itself in the race to the blockchain as it launched its own non-fungible token (NFT) fantasy game, “DeltaTime”.  F1 DeltaTime is built atop Ethereum and is based around the collection and trading of unique Formula One cars, drivers and components.

Get Your REVVs Up

The latest news from the F1 DeltaTime world is that it has now also introduced NFT staking. Consisting of two main play experiences, Collection and Competitive Racing Games, FI DeltaTime – with its native token REVV – utilises the Ethereum blockchain and runs off the ERC-20 standard. NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea for relatively reasonable prices.

However, NFTs of some of the more famous characters in the racing world such as leading F1 driver Lewis Hamilton will run to about 8.99 ETH (approximately US$36,400). NFTs can also be purchased using the REVV token.

Lewis Hamilton NFT available for a cool US$36,400. Source: OpenSea

The Collectibles Game centres on trading rare virtual items including Cars, Drivers, Components and Trinkets, which adds gamification to the collection of NFTs, adding layers such as achievements and leaderboards.


Race Your Own NFT Car

Like traditional racing games, the “Racing Game” allows players to take their collectibles – cars, drivers trinkets and components – and manage them into a race-ready Grand Prix entrant. The game is presented to the player or the owner of the NFT as a 2.5D perspective overlooking a selected track and allowing players in command of their racing vehicle to control the car’s acceleration and braking.

For a handy tutorial on how to start racing, watch this YouTube video:

Stake Your Car for Rewards

Ending the year on a high note, F1 DeltaTime has announced a new pool of 1.5 million REVV available to be earned by players via staking. The game has also announced the SHRD token, a new P2E (play-to-earn) token now earnable in F1 Delta Time. Staking takes place for 28 days from December 9.

Staking in this instance refers to owners sending their car NFTs to a staking smart contract for a given period, where they will passively earn REVV from the token pool. While in staking, the NFT cannot be used in any of the gameplay modes.

Once staked, the NFTs cannot be unstaked or restaked for a 24-hour cooling off period. Earning is determined based on every 24-hour period a car remains staked. Owners can claim their staking rewards after the entire staking period has ended.

Fantasy Games on the Rise Amid an NFT Boom

There are no signs of a slowdown as the world of NFTs continues to throw up innovative and interesting projects, among which fantasy NFTs games remain one of the most popular.

Amid the rise of blockchain-based fantasy NFT games and fantasy football games, Sorare has been one of the biggest on the front, raising US$680 million in a historic Series B funding round in an effort to expand its game.

To learn more about the most interesting NFT projects set to launch, from P2E to metaverse, Crypto News Australia has published a helpful guide.

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