Don’t Wait Around: Crypto Banter Says Make These Portfolio Changes Now

  • Neuner emphasises the urgency of adjusting crypto portfolios before the bull market peak, highlighting the need for the right composition.
  • He suggests focusing on a specific area or project, becoming an expert in navigating the vast number of cryptocurrencies and narratives effectively.
  • Neuner advises pivoting to promising narratives, recommending a strategic allocation based on confidence in those narratives’ potential.

The time for making changes to a crypto portfolio is now, according to Ran Neuner. The host of popular YouTube show Crypto Banter says don’t wait around and make changes when the bull-run is in full swing.

You cannot be in a position where you’re walking into this part of the bull market with the wrong portfolio. You need to make sure that if you’re walking into this part of the bull market, you have the right portfolio.

Ran Neuner

The question is then of course, what is the right portfolio?

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“Pick One and Become an Expert”

Neuner says new cycles (as in new crypto bull markets) bring new narratives. Even within cycles he suggests things can change rapidly. For example, the Ethereum upgrade was a hot narrative in the very early part of the cycle.


So, if it is all about narratives how do you know which narrative is the right one? With currently tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies available—arguably a vast number of which are memecoins, spurred by the recent bonanza of Solana-based memecoins—it’s easy to lose sight of the good projects.

Therefore, Neuner recommends sticking with the basics: pick a project or area you know something about and become an expert.

There are over 25,000 crypto coins right now. There are tons and tons of narratives. Some of them are going to be amazing. Some of them aren’t going to work. But there are going to be a lot of them that actually do work. And the problem is that realistically, you won’t be able to catch or to understand all the narratives that are going to run.

Ran Neuner

Because let’s be honest here, among the current hot narratives like AI, DePIN, layer-1s, layer-2s, DeFi, tokenisation of RWAs, cross-chain, memecoins, blockchain-gaming, BRC-20, ERC-20, zero-knowledge, NFTs, liquid staking, and the list goes on—you get it, there is way too much going on in crypto by now to be an expert in everything.

In a recent video Neuner went over the narratives he believes are hot in the current market, you can read about that over here, and you can learn more about NFTs, layer-1 and the best Ethereum layer-2s and much more over here.

Pick a Narrative You Think Will Outperform

Still undecided about what narrative is going to be the one to deep-dive into? Neuner says it’s about pivoting from narratives which have performed well in past cycles into the new narratives.

The first thing that I do is I select the narratives that I think are going to work. Then what I do is I decide whether I want to be neutral, underweight or overweight. Neutral means I think they’re going to be okay. I don’t want to go too heavy—I don’t want to under-allocate or over-allocate. I want to go full on degen mode [if] I fully believe in the narrative and I want to put a lot [in].

Ran Neuner

Neuner advises under-allocating in areas that do not excite you or that you do not understand well. In the image below you can see Neuner’s own allocation based on underweight, neutral and overweight status.

Source: Ran Neuner/ Crypto Banter via YouTube

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Not surprisingly—if you have heard Ran Neuner talk about these before—he is heavily into:

TON, BASE, MOVE (APT/SUI), AR, FTM, Cross Chain, RWA, DePIN, Perpetual Exchanges, Gaming and AI.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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