Cryptocurrency showdown: Bitcoin Spark, XRP and Shiba Inu – Which reigns supreme?

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XRP and Shiba Inu are two cryptocurrencies that captured the hearts of investors and crypto enthusiasts. Shiba Inu is a meme coin that grew exponentially to surpass Dogecoin, the first and largest meme coin. However, like most meme coins, the price began to die out when its hype died down.

XRP, on the other hand, allows faster and cheaper cross-border remittances. The token by Ripple Labs gained massive popularity before it got into trouble with U.S regulatory bodies that saw the token in a three-year court battle causing investors to flee. Bitcoin Spark, a new and unique cryptocurrency is taking the crypto world by storm.

XRP price prediction

Ripple is a cryptocurrency and digital payment protocol that enables fast and cheap cross-border transactions for institutions such as banks. Ripple’s win against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) saw its price rise by 78% overnight and sent a ripple effect in the entire crypto market, with other cryptos turning green. However, the SEC plans to appeal the court’s decision that XRP is not a security, causing investor skepticism on the token. Moreover, a close look at the market indicates that the XRP price is nowhere near a bull run.

Shiba Inu news

Shiba Inu has been on a downward trajectory for the past 6 months, and the meme coin lost 35% of its value. Analysts predict that the price may fall to a new low, given the bearish outlook among market leaders. Moreover, meme coins are being created daily, and these cryptos lack utility and depend heavily on popularity and trends, which reduces Shiba Inu’s potential to become another seasonal favorite.


Unveiling Bitcoin Spark’s Potential

Bitcoin Spark is an all-new cryptocurrency designed to improve decentralization, security, and scalability of blockchain technology. The project is a result of a Bitcoin fork and shares the same tokenomics as its parent network. However, Bitcoin Spark miners will take longer before they achieve the maximum token supply which is estimated to be more than 120 years from when mining begins.

Bitcoin Spark’s native token is BTCS, which is used to reward miners and pay for network services. BTCS is mined using the proof-of-process (PoP) system, a blend between the proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-work (PoW) network verification systems. The double verification system incorporates special mathematical algorithms that ensure rewards are allocated to network participants in a standard way.

Bitcoin Spark offers two main avenues of generating income with the project; lending out processing power and advertising. BTCS miners are required to stake and provide processing power to the network before they can validate transactions and manage the network’s operations. Rewards are distributed according to the amount of stake and “work done” on the network.

Industry players and external entities looking to partner with Bitcoin Spark can advertise on the platform’s ad slots created on unobstructive spaces on the mobile applications and the website. Interested entities will be required to pay for the ad slots in BTCS.

Bitcoin Spark developers will soon launch an app that will allow miners to validate transactions on their smartphones. The app will run on major operating systems, including Android and iOS. The app will also manage its own processing power to account for battery consumption, overheating, and multitasking requirements that handheld devices are known for.

Bitcoin Spark has a unique marketing strategy based on “innovative disruption”, as the project aims to disrupt traditional marketing norms with novel approaches designed to capture audience’s attention and build trust. The key elements in the project’s marketing strategy include storytelling, leveraging blockchain technology, and strategic positioning.

Bitcoin Spark aims to solidify its placement in the crypto industry as a leading Bitcoin alternative project. The project is currently in phase 3 of its initial coin offering (ICO), where BTCS is selling for $2.00 with an additional 12% bonus for every purchase. The project will launch on the Ethereum network on November 30, 2023 giving current investors a 560% capital gain.

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