Crypto Fashion Week Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future Of Style

By Felicity Frankish March 09, 2021 In Crypto News, Fashion

The first Crypto Fashion Week was held from 22 to 26 February 2021 and offered us a taste of digital fashion’s creative future. The show presented worlds of fashion, as digital art and blockchain technology intersected.

The week-long celebration of on-chain digital fashion gathered an exciting collection of world artists, designers and tech experts to showcase their talents in a futuristic way.

What Is Crypto Fashion Week?

Crypto Fashion Week brought ideas to reality with its inspiring virtual runway that showcased amazing ideas that are way ahead of their time.

From developing virtual sneakers for more sustainable consumption to artists uploading and selling designs on blockchain marketplaces, the event demonstrated the infinite possibilities of digital couture – both online and offline.


There’s no denying that crypto fashion is on the rise, interconnecting technology with design. According to Lady Phe0nix, co-founder of crypto art consultancy Universe Contemporary and co-organizer of Crypto Fashion Week.

These are the visionary people and companies moving the culture forward, and this is a rare chance to gather them together in the same place and time to get a glance at their hottest projects and to celebrate digital fashion in all of its exciting forms.

What Is Digital Fashion?

Digital fashion items aren’t just for the shows – they are being purchased and worn virtually. Who says fashion is limited to tangible or physical materials? The crypto world as eliminated all boundaries, intertwining design and technology to an extent never before seen.

From changing dress colours to shifting background landscapes, or gravity defying flows of a skirt, digital fashion is about exploring the limits of creative expression. Co-Founder of The Dematerialised, Karina Nobbs, explains:

Digital Fashion is a computer generated representation of a garment or an accessory. It can be experienced across physical and digital touchpoints and traded as an asset. It can be worn on an avatar or tracked and layered on a real body.

CFW Highlights

Technology was well and truly embraced for the event with sessions hosted on a variety of different platforms, including Clubhouse, Twitch, YouTube and in the Metaverse – a boundless territory of interactivity that has been described as the new internet.

The featured artists, designers, and companies participating in Crypto Fashion Week are the most influential and accomplished in the growing field of digital fashion, including:

  • Maghan McDowell, innovation editor or Vogue Business and fashion-tech journalist.
  • Natalia Modenova, founder of DressX, the first fashion brand featuring digital collections and 3D designers.
  • Kesh, a visual artist, designer and musician, who has collaborated with high-end brands such as Mochino, American Apparel and SKIMS.
  • Amber Jae Slooten, The Fabricant.
  • DNA Block
  • Master of Shapes
  • Meta Factory

Workshops were also offered, featuring LUKSO, FTFKT, The Fabricant, The Dematerialised and Newlife.Ai., as they shared how they have embraced digital fashion.

Future Fashion

Watch this space. According to CFW, this booming industry is “expected to be worth millions in the short term”.

Felicity Frankish

Felicity Frankish

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