Coinstash Partners with xbullion to Offer Gold-backed Tokens and are Giving Away a Full Ounce of Gold

By Crypto News Bot November 12, 2021 In Coinstash

Coinstash is extremely excited to announce their newest partnership with xbullion to bring their gold-backed token (GOLD) to the Australian cryptocurrency market.

Coinstash are giving away up to $5,000 worth of prizes, including a whole ounce of physical gold!

Later this month, Coinstash will be listing xbullion’s gold-backed token, under the ticker [GOLD]. Each GOLD token is secured by 1 gram of 9999 investment grade physical gold which is directly owned by the token owner.

GOLD tokens can be redeemed for physical gold bullion (subject to a current 1kg minimum). Alternatively, GOLD tokens can be easily and rapidly exchanged for fiat currency or other digital assets on the Coinstash exchange.


We are proud to be supporting another Australian initiative.  What we appreciate is the fact that xbullion brings a new chapter in the tokenisation of assets to everyday Australians.  I am personally a gold investor myself and am super excited to see the application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the precious metal industry.

Ting Wang, CEO and co-founder of Coinstash

The offering of GOLD on Coinstash is the first step in enabling the wider accessibility of direct ownership of commodities enabled through xbullion’s blockchain based solutions. 

“Our GOLD token takes away the headaches of investors having to organise storage, auditing, and insurance while still owning the underlying physical asset”, said David Lightfoot, CEO of xbullion. 

To celebrate this upcoming listing, Coinstash are running their Gold Rush promotion to giveaway free GOLD tokens, in addition to a whole ounce of physical gold!

For more details on this giveaway and the full terms and conditions please visit


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