CoinJar Exchange launches 0% fees on all “taker” trades

CoinJar is pleased to announce that they’re now offering zero-fee taker trades through their CoinJar Exchange platform – becoming one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world to offer zero fees for crypto-fiat trading.

“From the moment CoinJar was founded in 2013, our mission has been clear: to make crypto as simple and accessible as possible,” says CoinJar CEO Asher Tan. “Trading with 0% fees is simply the next step in this journey.”

Drawing on the runaway success of zero-fee trading companies like RobinHood and 212 Trading, CoinJar Exchange offers 0% fees on all taker trades – an order to buy or sell an asset at the current market price – including crypto–fiat pairs like BTC/AUD and ETH/GBP.

Traders who create maker orders – orders to buy or sell below or above the current price – will still only pay fees as low as 0.04%.


“While other fee-free trading platforms make their users pay by offering wide spreads or high deposit or withdrawal fees, CoinJar is still offering the same fair prices, lightning fast execution and free deposits and withdrawals we always have,” says Tan.

Together with the recently launched CoinJar Instant Buy, which allows customers to buy crypto using a credit or debit card with only a 2% fee, Tan says it shows CoinJar’s dedication to improving the crypto experience for the everyday user.

“As believers in the long-term future and importance of cryptocurrency, we think it’s vital to try and remove the barriers to its use and adoption. By offering fee-free trading, we’re hoping to make it easier than ever for people to join the crypto community.”

About CoinJar Exchange

CoinJar Exchange is an advanced trading platform designed for CoinJar users who want greater control over buying and selling cryptocurrency. This includes the ability to set order prices, as well as a Trading API to manage your accounts, orders and trades.

If you want to learn more about CoinJar Exchange, you can read our dedicated Knowledge Base article, explore the CoinJar Exchange Support articles or take your first steps towards using CoinJar Exchange.


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