Record Daily Surge: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Experience Unprecedented Net Inflows of $631 Million

By Investified February 16, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ETF

In an electrifying turn of events, spot Bitcoin ETFs have shattered records with a whopping $631 million flowing into funds on Feb 13, coinciding with a decline in outflows from Grayscale’s converted GBTC. 

This surge in inflows, excluding GBTC, has propelled nine spot Bitcoin ETF issuers to rake in $704 million, showcasing a relentless demand for exchange-traded funds backed by crypto’s premier asset. Institutions are loving this setup!

Notably, BlackRock emerges as the heavyweight champion, BlackRock is responsible for more than half of all inflow volume, averaging nearly USD $760M per day.

But wait, there’s more! As demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs reaches a fever pitch, the impact on BTC market prices is nothing short of astounding. With the world’s leading cryptocurrency reclaiming a $1 trillion market cap milestone – we are back!


BTC has surged to a 25-month high, effortlessly vaulting over the $51,000 mark for the first time since December 2021. Later in this article, we break down where to next for BTC. Stay tuned. 


UK Regulators Cramping Down on Illegal Crypto Ads 

In recent news, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the United Kingdom’s financial watchdog, dropped a bombshell report on the state of crypto-related advertisements. Their findings? Well, let’s just say there’s been a bit of deception in the land of financial crypto promotions. 

Despite rules being rolled out on Oct. 8, 2023, it seems some crypto firms missed the memo, with the FCA uncovering “significant levels of non-compliance.” It’s safe to say the FCA’s got their eye on the crypto crowd.

However, one unique regulator takes a trip down under in a plot twist that could rival even the most gripping of crime thrillers, news emerges of an Australian AFP officer allegedly making off with nearly 82 Bitcoins, amounting to a staggering $6 million in value. 

As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK cracks down on crypto-related advertisements, it seems the wild west of digital currency is seeing its fair share of rogue actors and will remain too until the authorities decide to clamp down. 


BTC – The Prediction Worked!

Last week’s chart:

Source: TradingView 9.02.24

This week’s chart:

Source: TradingView 16.02.24

Would you look at that! As predicted, Bitcoin has pulled off a stunning 15% gain in just one week and it broke out from what could have been a potential double-top formation. But what does this all mean? Are we about to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of new all-time highs? It certainly seems like we could be and you can certainly feel the excitement in the industry at the moment.

But the real kicker here is that the bull market hasn’t just kicked off – it’s kicked off with a bang! And it’s not your retail investors leading the charge this time around, it’s the big players – the institutions.

$52,825 is a significant level to watch as the last hurdle of resistance holding us from previous ATHs set in 2021. 

Source: Tradingview

Just take a look at the net inflows flooding into these ETFs, painting a picture of institutional interest that’s impossible to ignore. And let’s not forget about the halving period looming on the horizon, adding fuel to the fire of this bullish momentum. And speaking of bullish momentum, who could forget the man, the myth, the legend himself – Michael Saylor. 

You can almost picture him now, rubbing his hands together with a smug grin, murmuring those famous words, “I told you so.” 



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